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The family business Bauwens was established eighty years ago by Gaston Bauwens. The factory in Beernem produces to this day high quality bedrooms, dining rooms, sofas and chairs. They’re your guarantee for Belgian top quality. An overview of all the Bauwens collections can be found here.

As a specialist in offering cheap and high quality furniture we go every day to the utmost to ensure the best quality at the best price and service. To guarantee this quality to you, we work with companies which we are sure they have the same mission and can ensure 100% quality. Gaston Bauwens is located in Beernem and produces for our bedrooms, dining rooms, lounges and chairs.

“With Bauwens we deliver quality, Belgian furniture. Our strengths are fast delivery and excellent service”

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The furniture factory Gaston Bauwens, the first company of the group Bauwens, came from a family furniture business. In 1936 Gaston Bauwens produced bathrooms, cabinets and cupboards. This company was founded by Gaston Bauwens and his wife. In 1939, they recruited their first co-worker. The war put down all operations. Immediately after the war, the case was re-launched its own range of furniture including cheap dining rooms and bedrooms.

Currently, the company site became an area of 166.000m² which built 80,000m². Of these, 40,000 are used for production and the other 40,000m² as a buffer and as a storage area. Bauwens Beernem SA currently employs 250 workers and about 25 servants to work.

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The family Bauwens business was founded eighty years ago by Gaston Bauwens. The factory produces excellence in bedrooms, dining rooms, lounges and chairs in Beernem. Your guarantee for Belgian top quality.

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