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Are dogs allowed inside Meubis?

We know, after a long day at work you often don't have time for a long walk with your pet. So it is normal that you want to take your four-legged buddy out into the world for a while, and your dog probably wants nothing more than to be with you. But it is not always easy to know if your dog is, legally, allowed in the shop.

"Dogs not allowed"

Unfortunately, because of hygienic reasons, we can only allow guide dogs and assistance dogs in the showroom. Yes, we ar sad about it too, but this way we can guarantee the quality of our products and services so that has an enjoyable shopping experience.

Some ideas to keep your four-legged friend happy

Of course, we don't want you to leave your dog in the car or waiting outside. So we would like to give you some tips to make your dog's life a little easier and safe.

  • First, go shopping and then go for a walk. Taking your dog with you where he is not allowed inside is not a fun experience. Your buddy will only enjoy the time you spend on the road and still have to wait for you with limited space to move around.
  • Ask a family member or friend to come along. Going shopping in pairs is always much more fun than having to go alone. For example, your friend can go for a walk with the dog while you can browse around the showroom at your leisure. Is there a pet shop nearby? Great, then your friend can walk in there with your dog and spoil him with his favourite snacks.
  • Call on your neighbours to keep an eye on your dog. This way, you can arrange a rotation schedule to look after each other's pets while the other goes to the store. This way, your dog is never alone and can even play with a friend.

With these 3 ideas, we hope to inspire you so that you can enjoy your shopping experience while your dog's time is as pleasant as possible.

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