The 10 most trendy places in Ghent for students

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Are you a student in the city center of Ghent and are you looking for trendy places that you haven't heard from yet? We got a nice list of places that you should visit and enjoy during a break or during the weekends. 

1. Restaurant Athene

Restaurant Athene is since 1980 the place-to-be in the city center. The best recipes and the best ingredients from our own little Belgium, and this all made with love! The Greek interior and the traditional kitchen and ambience will make sure you discover Greece while you are in Ghent. 

Adress: Vlaanderenstraat 83 9000 Ghent
Price: 5 to 22 euro 

2. Holy Food Market

The 16 century the Baudelokapel in Ghent was turned into a market with 17 different foodstands. Holy Food Market is inspired like the markets in Barcelona or Kopenhagen. Holy Food Market takes you on a journey through the world in one place from Asia to Italy. 

Are you looking for a fun present? Go for a Holy Food Market present cheque. 

Adress: Bibliotheekstraat 1-10 - 9000 Ghent
Price: 2 to 99 euro

3. O’Learys Ghent

You want to relax with your friends after a full day at school but you just don't know what to do. Have you ever heard about the O’Learys Event center? You can go for minigolf, bowling, pub games and sportgames. Anybody who wants to eat can enjoy  the American kitchen with burgers etc. Ready with your diner and not done talking? Enjoy yourself in the bar of O’Learys.

Adress: Dok Noord 7 / 301, 9000 Ghent
Price: 2 to 34 euro

4. Amadeus Ribs

The place-to-be for a portion of spare ribs. The concept is spare ribs à volonté. It is a must as a student to visit Amadeus once in your life! They serve you like they would serve you at home just normal and nothing special. You also get a potato with it's skin and some delicious sauce. The price is not high and you get more than you will be able to eat. 

Adress: Plotersgracht 8 of Goudenleeuwplein 7 - 9000 Ghent
Price: 5 euro to 50 euro

5. De Kastart

Kastart is known by everybody in Ghent, they are famous for their delicious home made spaghetti sauce that they call 'kastard saus' This is made with a secret ingredient and many people would die for it! There is not alway place for you to sit in the business itself that is why there it a take-away option. But if you are seated the service is super and you will be more than happy when you leave. 

Adres: Onderbergen 42 - 9000 Ghent
Price: 2 tot 40 euro

6. Uncle Babe's Burger Bar

The American owner makes the ketchup and fried onions himself. People who are not into a juicy burger can also enjoy a cocktail or beer at the bar. This makes this place very hip and trendy, you can be yourself and enjoy a nice conversations with your friends. And the amount of Instagram pictures that you will be able to take are endless. 

Adress: Sluizekenstraat 2 - 9000 Ghent

Price: 2 to 49 euro

7. Revue

Restaurant revue was next in line after ''t keteltje' on the corner of the ketelvest just around the Nederkouter. There is a terrace just above the waters of Ghent and on the side of the street you'll have the sunset in the evening. You got the chance to go for all classic dishes, the interior has been restyled and this makes this place a new hotspot. 

Adress: Nederkouter 1, 9000 Ghent

Price: 2 to 99 euro

8. Naturell

Naturell may not be well known by students ut they have much to offer. They serve top dishes , with sounds smell and image! The Scandinavian interior brings the customer back to the basics. The price is not really for all students but keep this in mind when you want to go out and enjoy high class food. 

Adress: Jan Breydelstraat 10 - 9000 Ghent

Price: 5 to 150 euro 

9. Café René

Café René is a dinner that serves food all day long for am to pm. They don't sell their food by talking about it but they sell by being the best in their street. They serve classics at a low price but with great quality. If you want to enjoy food in a relaxed environment this is the place to be, just cosy and nothing special.

Adress: Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat 2-4, 9000 Ghent
Price: 2 to 49 euro

10. Fithap

You are into sport or you are going for a healthy lifestyle? We know where you should go... FITHAP. Fithap serves hot wraps, salads and juices that are low in sugar and fat, ideal for your fitness or diet adventure. Here at our office we got into a discussion " the chicken dale or the Italian Stallion"?

Adress: Vlaanderenstraat 113, 9000 Ghent
Price: 2 to 49 euro