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An affordable studio for students

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Betaalbaar op kot met Meubis - Un kot d etudiants abordable4

It is again that time of the year where the academic year has begun. It is also time to go back to studio. The term studio doesn't have a very luxurious thought, back in the days this was a very old place with dark brown furniture with an small living space. But what if you were able to give your studio the right look in combination with saving money? Here at Meubis we make sure this is the case!

Interior tips for students

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Your studio or apartment restylen is not always the best task waiting for you. The space of the rooms and the wishes of your house owner and the short period of time you will be there are some to keep in mind. Here are some tips for you to create the most amazing studio ever!

6 styling tips for students

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You are going to live in a studio and then you certainly do wonder whether you will be able to setup your kot to your taste without that really ' Studio look '? We like to give you some nice styling tips for your studio!