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How to remove stains from your leather

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People often choose a leather sofa because that is easy to maintain. That in itself is not a lie, but let us be clear: leather does need a proper maintenance and care. Leather which is not improperly maintained, will start to turn colour, have dirt or even start tearing. So it is certainly not so that you never need to look to your leather sofa. We try to give you some basic knowledge about the material leather, and how to best remove grease stains or get stains out.

How to remove stains from your carpet

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The one thing that you did not want to happen just happend, there is a stain on your carpet. The first tip is not to panic. this doesn't help in any case. In this blog we show you how to remove all kinds of stains.

How to clean and maintain your teak furniture.

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Teak furniture are a great extra for your garden. It is easy to maintain, it is a tropical wood with natural protecting oils. Weather conditions have some to none influence on teak. Every piece of furniture needs some maintenance, teak also. Let's go over the most important ones.