The sleeper sofa is back!

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Many people already start to complain about their back when they hear the words sleeper sofa. That is because of the fact that in the old days those sofas could be turned into a bed. Those sofas were not comfortable at all, and they could not be turned into a descent bed to sleep in.

Sleeper sofas these days can't be compared to the ones back in the days. With the design, look and comfort the sleeper sofa has made a big evolution. Most of these sofas fit perfectly in every interior, and many people don't even notice the fact that it is a sleeper sofa

For example sleeper sofa Morris Maxi, picture below. A magnificent salon in a pure Italian leather. Nobody thinks about a sleeper sofa, not even about the clic-clacs form back in the days. But still this sofa can be turned into a bed in no time. The design and comfort is a topper in his kind! The sleeper sofa option should not be a restriction fro your seating comfort or design. 

We at Meubis also got many corner sofas with a sleeper function. The most luxurious corner sofas have the option to make them into a sleeper. For example Corner sofa Luton, available in different colours and styles. Not only the sleeper function comes in handy with this corner sofa, but also the storage space under the seating of the longchair is a nice extra to this sofa. A stylish corner sofa with a quality bed, in 1 sofa! It's safe for us to say that the sleeper sofa is back! Trendy, hip and classy all at once! Here at Meubis at the lowest price and delivered at your doorstep for free.