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Perfecte terras voor je horecazaak

You hear it constantly, also on social media. Certainly in Belgium is it really a phenomenon: from the first moment people like to go to a terrace, where they can enjoy the beautiful weather. But how do you make sure that those people come and stay on your terrace for their drink? The Interior of your terrace can already do wonders. Here we give you some tips.

1. Space

If a list of things would exist with things people hate it would state space for sure. People don't want to feel in a small box on a terrace sitting in full sun. Besides the fact that it's absolutely no fun, the people also don't want to be close to others during a hot summer day. So make sure you use enough space for your terrace. People love their privacy, even on a terrace.

On the picture below you see chair Clara

2. A heated terrace

It remains of course Belgium. That good summer days are warm, but also during the summer months, we surely have cool days, and cool evenings. Note thereby that you should have a heated terrace, so that the people at night, when it starts to cool down, just can stay longer. A terrace who begins to run empty, runs empty fast. If you can keep people longer on your terrace, that is beneficial for your sale. And it will attract other people to your full terrace ...

3. Sturdy tables

Honest: have you ever sat on a terrace where your table was shaky on the ground? Incredibly annoying. So make sure that your tables (and chairs) are stable on the ground. With us  all our catering tables are equipped with the FLAT Engineering Stability principle, whereby stability is ensured on any surface. Are you looking for more info on this? Feel free to contact us! 

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4. Quality

Care for quality. Both in your furniture  as the food and drinks that are served. We see it sometimes still that preparations or cocktails on the terrace provided are less and less well served than within. That can of course never be the case. Also your furniture should be of the best quality. So don't be put off by the price of terrace furniture, even though you can not use it all year long. Your guests deserve the best quality, always and everywhere. There you can make the difference in the long term. 

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