The ideal dining table

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It is not always easy to chose the ideal dining table. Nowadays there are so many options, which do't make it any easier. Not only is the shape almost 8/10 times rectangular, also is it the style and colour that give many people problems. We will give you Th best options and some advice on what you should pay attention to.

Rectangular tables

One of the most classic ones is the rectangular table. If the space is big enough a rectangular one will fit just perfect. Many houses are furnished for a rectangular one to be the best option. These tables can seat up to 8 people. 

A round table

A round table are more common these days. Many people use the argument of ambience while purchasing these kind of tables. It has been proven to be better for the social aspect while sitting at a round table. The only thing you should keep in mind is that a round table and his chairs take more place than a rectangular one. 

Extensible table

These kind of tables are perfect for people who are not in need of a large table, during the week but occasionally have visitors. Nowadays there are tables that can be extended in length but also in depth. So these tables are normal in size but you have the option to extend them. 

Square table

This is probably not the first option you had in mind if you think about furnishing your dining room. But if you dining room has the place and the ambience for a squared table this will upgrade your interior very much. The chairs are as at a round table focused on the center, so the ambience is ensured again. 

Tips for the right decision

Make sure you still have enough space

A big and wide table is nice, especially when you have visitors. But take notes on the space that is available while choosing your table. You should have at least 1 to 1.20 meters behind every chair. This will provide you to still walk behind a chair when someone is using it.

How wide can a chair be?

If you are looking for a table on which you can seat 6 people it is always a good idea to know how wide your chairs are. These have a big role at your table. There are not standard dimensions in chairs. If you still have a chair at home messure it before you go. If you want to know the dimensions of our chairs don't hesitate to ask our professionals

Chose the shape that you want

If you had read the info above you should be fine. Chose this shape yourself go over the perks and disadvantages, if you can't chose then this is a problem based on taste.

Chose the depth of your tabletop

One of the parts that people just don't think about is the thickness of the tabletop. This brings us back to our chairs. The height of all the different chairs will be changing. Some chairs will be more heigh while other will be more low. Keep in mind that if you go for a thick tabletop combined with a heigh chair that this will not be good for your comfort while being seated.