5 tips to create space in a small dining room

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1. Use one colour in your dining room

The advantage of one color or two colours is if they fit nicely together in your dining room, is that it brings peace in your dining room. A mixture of different colours in a small space quickly brings disorder and a pressure feeling with it. In the picture below of dining room Livorno are the colours white and light oak used together in one space. Soon you get a quiet and spacious feeling, even if the furniture in this picture on a fairly limited space. The Floris chairs are not the perfect chairs for in a limited space, that can be read in tip 2.

2. Use light chairs in your dining room

To the dining room a more spacious feel, we recommend a light color of chairs to choose from. Chairs can often be a messy impression, especially if they are large and dark. Light chairs fall much less in the field of view. In the dining room Roma White below, for example, the chairs in the interior. Also the fact that the seats Adam doesn't have the armrest, it is ideal. Narrow, streamlined, and in a white color: these chairs offer a perfect feeling of space.

3. Place a bench instead of chairs

An underrated tip to create extra space in the dining room, is to use a bench instead of chairs. A bench takes up much less space than chairs. On a bench you can often also have an additional places, where this is impossible with chairs. Often you can store the bench also under the table when not in use. This dining room Eli is a perfect example of this.

4. Simple lights

A simple lighting also promotes the spacious feel. When a large lamp or chandelier hangs above the table, the space a lot smaller. Spots, or a simple lamp as here at dining room Barbados, is often more than enough. Also standing lamps should be avoid, since that also occupy that space again on the ground.

5.  No dining table but a long cooking island

One last tip, whichis not possible in all interiors: use an elongated kitchen island as dining area.  With some nice bar stool barstools, as Victor or Milano bar stool, you create a very cool look.

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