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Your dining room in the industrial style: our tips

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The industrial interior style is currently extremely popular. It even seems, together with Scandinavian interiors, the most frequently chosen interior style this year. Are you also such a fan of the raw metal, in combination with the wooden finish? Then it is certainly a good idea to extend this to your dining room. Because it may seem a little more difficult, but it is certainly perfectly feasible to give your dining room an industrial touch. Here are a few tips.

Choosing the perfect dining chair: what to look out for?

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Choosing dining chairs, it's often a tricky job. We also notice this with our customers in the showroom. A lot of people don't know how high a chair is, how wide it can be, or how many chairs at a table of, say, 180cm. In addition, they also find it very difficult to choose whether to take a leather chair, go for something in fabric, or choose a wicker chair anyway. All people with these difficulties, we try to help them with our tips here.

The ideal dining table

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It is not always easy to chose the ideal dining table. Nowadays there are so many options, which do't make it any easier. Not only is the shape almost 8/10 times rectangular, also is it the style and colour that give many people problems. We will give you Th best options and some advice on what you should pay attention to.

Give your dining room some colour

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The dining room has been evolving over the past year. In the early days the dining room was just a status symbol in which at Sundays the guests would be welcomed. The others days the dining room would not be used as much. The character of the dining room was very traditional. The colours would be limited and a bit boring.

5 tips to create space in a small dining room

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We often hear from customers that they only have a small dining room space available. That people often have trouble getting the dining room not cluttered, or too busy. However, it is perfectly possible, with a few small tips, a small space also a can have a spacious feeling. Here we give you some tips.