What halloween activities should you be doing this week?

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Carving Jack ‘o Lanterns

Hello there pumpkin, looking good.

Those orange, plump squashes are not only a treat for the eye but carving them make a fun halloween tradition. For carving designs you can let your imagination run wild. Go for traditional spooky pumpkins or skeletons. Or get inspiration from real life people (Donald Trumpkin anyone?) Or go for your favorite fictional heros with a Pumpkin Potter for that added magical flair.

How do you make your carved pumpkin last longer? 

Carving a pumpkin takes a lot of time, so before and after carving there are a few things you can do to make sure your masterpiece lasts a while longer!

Clean your pumpkin before carving with some water and bleach

Don’t cut off the top of your pumpkin! To reach the innards of the pumpkin and start the gutting process consider cutting of the bottom of the pumpkin instead. Removing the stem of any vegetable will make it rot faster.

After curving make sure the interior of the pumpkin is clean, without any leftover seeds. After which clean out the inside of your pumpkin in a bleach/water solution. Or alternatively submerge your entire pumpkin in a water/bleach bath. Let dry thoroughly. The bleach mixture kills of any bacteria, which slows down the decay process.

Do not use real candles in your pumpkin. We get it, half of the fun of carving a pumpkin is seeing the spooky squash lit up in the dark. But try to use fake candles as these will not slowly cook your pumpkin. Roasting your pumpkin from the inside out might be very halloweeny but unfortunately it’s not the best practice to keep your pumpkin fresh and proud through the season.

When done with the carving, bleaching and drying, rub some vaseline on the cut edges to lock in the moisture. This keeps your pumpkin fresh longer!

All that’s left to do after that is enjoy your spooky works of art and show them off to the world! 

Attend or host a Halloween party and dress up!

Check the activities in your local village or city, there’s sure to be a bunch of Halloween related parties or activities around this time where you can show up in your new halloween costume. Dressing up for Halloween is one of those classic traditions. And you can make it as elaborate as you want. Just use some face paint to turn yourself in a pumpkin or give yourself a Dias de los muertos skeletal make-over. Or opt for a more elaborate costume. Halloween costumes can go from the traditional creeps like witches, ghosts, zombies and mummies to more contemporary costumes (anyone remember Lady Gaga’ meat dress halloween costume from a few years back? Or go for a DIY costume and keep it light and funny (or even, punny). 

Bake or make some halloween treats.

No holliday without some delicious snacks. And halloween makes for the most adorable and spooky treats you can make.

What do you think of these halloween cupcakes? Add some food safe colouring to your frosting to turn it orange and pair with chocolate muffins. 

Alternativly, go for the classic and turn cookies into cute and spooky creatures. Just frost it over with halloween coloured glazing. 

More fan of the savory stuff? These mummies in a blanket are sure to be a hit at your next party! 

Or do you prefer to keep things a bit healthier? Cut up some veggies as crudités and use these carved paprikas as cupholders. Healthy and adorable! 

Have fun! 

With these tips you're sure to have a spooky, fun and ghoul filled halloween! Now go out and have fun. And don't forget to pop in at our store during halloween to discover our crazy halloween horrordeals. Happy halloween everyone!