Tips for a child friendly house

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Avoid furniture with sharp edges and sides.

Avoid furniture with sharp edges insides this is not always easy but it will provide you With more safety for your toddler. The lowest furniture should be checked for danger like your coffee table. The ideal table is around one for families with children, they can still fall or bumped their head into it but it will hurt less and won't be as dangerous as a square one. Here you can find some of our coffee tables.

Give your television a safe place in your interior.

Make sure too hang your television on a wall if possible, children love to pull themselves up on many parts of the house so if your television is just standing on a dresser you have a risk that it might fall on their head one day. When your television is hanging on the wall you are again providing more safety for your child. Also try to hide the wires of the devices as much as possible they are not safe to play around with right?

 Use a staircase fence

You should have This on the top part and the bottom part of your staircase. Children love to climb the stairs as much as the love to go down the stairs. Don't take any risk use two of them! It should be at least 75 cm high and there shouldn't be many space in between the bars. (5cm is ideal)

Is your bathroom baby proof?

Children have to go to the bathroom as wel, to go to the loo, take a shower or have a bath. The first tip is an anti slip carpet. Especially when you bath your baby many times this won't be an extra cost. If you shower your child we would give you he same advice, you just never know when your baby will slip. Safety first!

Dressers and wardrobe safety

If you have dressers and wardrobes that are easy accessible make sure you can shut them for the child not to open. Try to limit the chances for the child to play or open these. Breakable things should be stored high and dry, if possible you could lock them away safely. A child does not know the danger of it's actions.

Stimulate the child by it's environment

Use colour and many different shapes in your interior. Everything that can stimulate the brain and mind of your child is good! It is important for your child to be and stay curios about the different things the environment has to offer. A sober and clean-cut interior is beautiful but it won't satisfy the needs and wishes of your child. Give the child the space to evolve and learn things, but always keep an eye on them!