The importance of the floor in your interior

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In both renovation projects and new-build homes, very little attention is sometimes paid to the choice of floors. However, the impact of a floor on your interior really should not be underestimated. There are some materials and/or styles here, each with their pros and cons. The choice is usually also binding for a very long period of time, so it's best to think about all the possible options. We'll help you on your way here.

Think of the ease of use

The first tip sounds simple, but it's an important one. Look at each room separately, and think beforehand what the function of this room is. The hall, kitchen and hallway are spaces that are used very often, and where there will be a lot of passage. There you should also think about a durable, easy to maintain floor. The living room or bedrooms will be a lot less feet over, so you can easily work with softer materials such as parquet / laminate or a carpet.

Think of the style of the whole picture

Do not mix too many materials. Usually we recommend to stick to 2 types of flooring, maximum 3. Also choose materials that reflects your home. Do you want to live in a rural area and do you use a lot of wood shades? Then feel free to start working with laminate and/or parquet in your home. Do you want it tighter and more modern? Then a concrete floor might be something for you, as in the picture below. It requires very little attention and therefore fits perfectly into a tight picture. 

Think about the consequences of your choice of colour

Within certain materials, you can start to vary a lot in terms of colors. Of course we cannot discuss all colours, but we can divide them into 'dark colours' and 'light colours'. Dark floors tend to suck the light out of your home. This is why we do not recommend working with dark floors in living spaces where there is a lot of light coming in. If you want to create a cosy TV corner somewhere, this is perfectly possible with a dark floor.

Light colours stay in the background more often. They do not require explicit attention in your interior, so you can combine them with anything, and also make the furniture shine. In general, we recommend working with neutral colours, and not using patterns and/or designs in the floor, unless that is explicitly the intention, for example within an Arabic style. Neutral colours are timeless, so you will not be subject to minor adjustments in your interior. 

Think about maintenance

Inform well in advance about the maintenance of your chosen floor. Certainly with wooden floors, but often also with natural stones, it is extremely important that you know how to maintain the floor and how best to remove any stains. A natural stone, for example, needs a little more care than a ceramic tile, as is the case with parquet compared to laminate. Know what you're getting into, and maintain the floor the way it should be, so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

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