Some tips for an Instagramish interior

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Many times we hear our customers asking about for example bedroom Pam form our instagram page, and there for they want that nice and picture perfect interior on the picture in their bedroom. You can buy the furniture but does that fit your interior? The biggest thing that finished a bedroom and interior is maybe details or an eyecatcher... Here are some tips. 

Use a chair

Place a cool designer chair in your interior, like the bedroom. It doesn't have to be an expensive one if it looks good it is just fine. You can place pillows or clothes on your chair. This make the chair more than just an item. take a look at chair Gustave with wardrobe easy remo glass on the picture below. The combination of the soft wood with the metal chair give a nice contrast. 

Use an armchair or pouf as an eyecatcher

An eyecatcher always brings your room back to life. If you take one that has the right colours and style this will bring ambience aswel. This doesn't have to be expensive at all, stool crea shown on the picture below for example. This chair is a perfect example of a chair that gives that extra you were looking for. 

Avoid big coffee tables

Avoid big coffee tabels. We often see that people go for much smaller sizes because they take less space and are more stylish and more elegant. A smaller one will always look more clean as you won't be willing to place many items on it! Combine this with a small decoration item like a candle,...

Books make the room

Use books in your interior. The always bring a certain ambience with them. Think about the way you want to bring them in your interior. Don't place too many of them or your library look will kill your interior in no time. Place them where they should be as a detail and where they belong. As shown in the picture below of Boxspring Wolfsburg, the white background brings out the books, but they are not with many so they don't take over the ambience. They are a detail as they should be. 

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