May, a Month of Being Together

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Gone are the winds and gone are the showers, May has arrived and with it, spring is in full bloom. But this year May is extra special. Sunday the fifth brings the start of the Ramadan, a period of a month where muslims from all over the world fast from sunset to sunrise. It's a month of tolerance, charity, introspection and togetherness. The last is especially clear if we look at the families and friends that come together after sundown to break fast during the 'Iftar'. 

Because the Islamic calendar follows the lunar calendar, Ramadan never falls on the same date each year. Every year Ramadan starts a few days earlier then the last year. This year it starts in the beginning of May. And it just so happens that May is a special month in other cultures as well. For instance we see a lot communions, confirmation parties and milestone ceremonies. It's safe to say then that May is a month where everyone comes together. 

Hosting Can Be Carefree

Welcoming your guests at the door, catching up in the sofa, enjoying a meal together at the dinnertable. Having guests over isn't limited to one room in your house. That's why it's important to prepare your house in advance for hosting guests. Which is why we're giving you a few tips on how to design and prepare your interior in a way that allows you to host a large party of guests without worry. So that you, whatever reasons brings you all together, can enjoying hosting an event in your house in the coziest and most efficient way possible. 

1. The Reception is Important

It's important to give your guests a warm welcome the moment they set foot in your house. In that regard your entryway is your houses' business card. Not only is it important that your entryway is designed in the same way as the rest of your house but it's equally important that there is ample storagespace in your entryways for coats, purses and shoes. Not only will it put a stop to the numerous 'lost coats' piled up in your living room when having guests over. But it will also allow your guest to know where to leave their stuff and most importantly, where to find it again at the end of the evening. 

Depending on the size of your family and the median size of your parties you can opt for a large shoe closet like our or a smaller one like our chest shoe closet or the Laila. It's also always an option to purchase a smaller shoe rack that is easily moved or stored in the garage when not having guests over. The same goes for coatracks. Make a statement with our beautiful coatrack Bonn or choose a more traditional design and go for our sweetie. These coatracks can be easily transported or moved so you can use them in any type of situation. 

2. Create a Living Room that Encourages Intimate Conversations

There's nothing like having a nice conversation when you're meeting up with friends or family. Unfortunately this is often hindered by a poorly designed interior. That's why you should really try to create cozy conversationspots. 

A first step for achieving this is by pointing your chairs and sofas towards each other. That way you encourage people to start up a conversation. Even better would be to create small seating areas by grouping some chairs, sofas or poufs around a sidetable. When you're doing this it's smart to use the so called 'nesting tables'. These are sidetables that when not hosting guests you can nest into each other creating one visual whole. But on evenings when you are hosting you can use them seperately as individual small tables. Our sidetable Leono for example is an excellent choice, or what about our Philips

Besides arranging your furniture it's also important that you divide food and drinks over several surfaces. Don't just center everything on your coffee table but use your sidetables and sideboard to create several areas of refreshment. You'll avoid a bottleneck scenario in one area of the room as well as encourage mingling and conversation throughout the entirety of the room. This gives your event a good 'flow' and makes sure that your guests meet a lot of different people. 

3. Be Modulair

Lastly it's always a good idea to invest in modulair furniture. Our extendable dining tables for instance. They enable you to create extra seating in the blink of an eye. As you can see with our Feniks for example. Or our Cana

When it comes to sofas a nice ottoman is always a good choice. An ottoman can be used as extra seating but also as a way to convert part of your sofa in a long chaise. It can even be used as a side table. If you think this sounds handy then maybe you would like our 'Universal' ottoman. Or just go and browse through our entire collection

With these tips you're sure to host a successful event without having to worry too much! Whatever the reason is for coming together this month, be it an Iftar or a Communion, make it something beautiful and enjoy each others company and the memories you'll be making. Together.