A sleek and modern interior: our tips

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A sleek and modern interior often consists of minimalist colours and materials. Easy to decorate your interior in that style you think, but in practice that sometimes turns out to be more difficult than thought. Even in a modern interior you want everything to fit nicely into one whole. We give you here some practical tips for decorating your design living room.

1. The importance of straight lines

To obtain a sleek and modern interior, it is important to work with straight lines. Just pay attention when you see another beautifully modern living room on Instagram or Pinterest. Straight lines not only characterize a sleek interior, they also ensure order in the whole. Of course you will be able to use rounded furniture or accessories here and there, but try to keep the overall lines straight and taut. If you have a good basis, you can continue to work on your interior.

2. Use of contrasting colours

In contrast to a rural interior, where one often limits oneself strictly to the earthy and soft colours, it is advisable to work with contrasting colours. The best-known contract is of course black and white, but you can also just use a red design lamp or an orange coffee table. It is important, however, that these colours do not dominate, but add an accent to your interior.

3. Limit yourself to what is necessary

It sounds like a cliché, but so often it's just the truth: less is more. Modern interiors are often characterized by a sober and clean design. Rommel has absolutely no place in them. So try not to display too many accessories, or hang too many frames on the walls. Think about what you really need, and try to limit yourself to that.

4. Think of industrial lamps

Industrial lamps are hip. Nowadays they are used in many different styles, but also fit perfectly in a sleek, modern interior. An important feature of industrial lamps, is that they are straightforward in design. The colors are often sober (black and / or metal color), which fits perfectly within our style. Industrial lamps can be found everywhere, sometimes you can even find treasures in your grandmother's attic.

5. Value the natural light

Light is also important in a sleek interior. A clean design stands out even more when it can function in a light-rich environment. Light also enhances the spaciousness and sense of unity within a certain space. In that modern style we are just looking for unity. If you don't have a lot of natural light, you can of course compensate this with artificial light, reflective materials and light colours that reflect the light.

Need any more tips?

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