5 handy interior apps

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You're going to live on your own for the first time, want to give your interior a complete make-over, or want to buy a new corner sofa. But where do you start?

There are so many things that you have to take into account. What do I like? What will fit in my apartment or house? Both in terms of style and color? And what would everything look like together?

We've made a small list of handy (and free!) apps to help you on your way!

Get inspired

First of all, you should go and browse the internet: what do I like? Which style do I go for? Rural, modern, ...

An obvious app for this is of course Pinterest. With a few searches you can get endlessly inspired. Found something to your taste? Pin it down so you can find it later.

Be sure to take a look at our own Pinterest.

Here you will not only find our decorative items, but also complete bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and so much more.

Color choice

Choosing a color (or more colors) is perhaps one of the most difficult choices you have to make when redesigning your home. The colors determine a very large part of the look and feel of your interior. For more advice on color choice, you can consult one of our previous blogs.

Fortunately there are also several apps to help you with this. One of them is the Flexa Visualizer App.

With this app you can scan your room live, select a wall, and try different colors on it. This way you immediately know which color suits your room best.

You're not sure about a certain color? You can easily save a photo and share it with friends and family, so you can ask for their opinion.

Found the perfect color? Then the app will give you a complete matching color palette. Definitely worth a try!


You have gained inspiration, your walls have been painted, now it's time to buy new furniture. But before you buy anything you've got to be sure everything will fit into your room.

With Magicplan you can very easily scan a complete space and make a map of your room. So you quickly have all the dimensions you need.

What's more, you can already add furniture to your floor plan to make a rough sketch of what your room will look like.


Not sure yet how exactly you're going to arrange your living room, bedroom or kitchen? Fortunately there's lots of apps for this!

1. The RoomSketcher Home Designer app.

With this app you can make a floor map of your room and start to decorate. You can give the walls the color you had in mind and try out other colors.

You can experiment with floors, parquet, beds, nightstands, lamps, wallpaper, ... You name it. There's also more than 1000 real furniture and decorative items you can choose from.

2. Even easier is the Easyhome Homestyler App. With this app you can take a picture of one of your own rooms, and then place 3D models of real furniture in it.

This way you can experiment with all kinds of lamps in different places. Or see how certain carpets, paintings or mirrors would look in your interior.

You can save your design from the app and share it with friends and family in order to get immediate feedback.

In need of some inspiration when starting out with this app? You can take a look at the Design Stream, or check out the portfolios of professional designers who already use this app.

In need of interior inspiration?

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