5 common mistakes when decorating your interior

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You see so many beautiful interiors these days. Through social media, on television or even in advertising messages along the way. It usually doesn't look that difficult at all, but still people often have problems creating such a wonderful interior themselves. They don't know how to start or, even worse, make big mistakes from the beginning. We sum up here the things you certainly should not do, when decorating your home.

1. Respect the order of furnishing

When you start decorating your house or apartment, it is important to do so in a logical order. That sounds self-evident, but is often forgotten. In itself we can easily put it in a step-by-step plan:

  • Look at the layout of your house, and base your first choices on that. Where is the bedroom, where do we place the living room, or where do we sit together at the dining table?
  • Once the layout has been determined, start by choosing the large pieces of furniture, such as your living room, the tables and the large cupboards.
  • After that, you move on to smaller furniture, chairs and for example lighting. In some cases you will need the exact location of the table to hang a lamp above it.
  • Finally, you can add some decoration and/or plants. Yes, we know, this is usually the best part of determining and choosing your interior. But still, you first need to fix the rest, so you don't have to buy a lot of decorations.

2. See how much space you have for your furniture

And, above all, be realistic about it. We often see it, people who opt for large furniture and cupboards, but once we come to deliver them, it turns out that the furniture is far too large for the available space. Sometimes they can just get in, but they really give the whole a crammed impression. Conversely, too small furniture for large spaces gives a cold and unsociable atmosphere. It is therefore important to find a balance between the size of your furniture and the available space.

3. Lack of lighting

A dark interior without mood lighting, is an unsociable interior. You can perfectly make the rooms slightly darker, for example during the winter months, but try with mood lighting such as candles or (dim) spotlights to create something of cosiness. In general, rooms with lots of light always score a little better in terms of feeling of space. However, it doesn't have to be a problem if there is little natural light available. With the right lighting, you can do a lot.

4. Be selective with decoration

For the simple reason that your interior should not look like a thrift store. An excess of decoration also comes across as messy and sloppy. Try to radiate some peace and coziness with your interior, with the right decoration. So quality takes precedence over quantity in that respect. A thorough clean-up is certainly recommended, to filter out the unnecessary. You don't have to throw them away, but put them temporarily in the attic. Who knows, you might want to change everything within a few months, and organize a decoration switch. 

5. Think carefully about the colours in your interior

It's certainly no problem to work with different colours in your interior, if you do it in a thoughtful way. Do you use more than one colour? Then try to reflect them in accessories and details, and keep your large furniture sober. Are you planning on using one or two specific colours? Then you can certainly apply it to slightly larger furniture as well. In any case, make sure there is something of line in the use of colours. A jumble of different colours will result in a tasteless and sloppy whole. 

Need any more tips?

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