5 budget-friendly decoration ideas

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Everybody wants to create a cosy home, but how do you get started? It is all in the details of the house, but those are the most difficult aswel! All the decoration what will it cost? We are sure that not everything should be expensive, so we got a full line-up of cheap decoration ideas.

1. candles

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but candles are back! They come in many shapes, colours, sizes and fragrances. 

  • Fragrance candles, they don't only give your interoir an extra to it but they also bring a nice sent to your room.  Make sure you don't mix many different ones, that will make your house smell by the different fragrances.  
  • candles in a candlestand, this give your dining table that exclusive look, go for class.
  • little candles, go for a simple but warm feeling by placing these on your coffee table

2. Lights

lights are always a good idea! There are many different kinds and sorts. You don't need to spend hundreds of euros to give your nightstand or dresser that extra bit that it deserves. 

Floor lamps for example they are the ideal solution to fill up that empty corner in your interoir. In that way you bring ambience and space, and you fill up that gap useful.

You can always go as far as you want, with low beam lights, authentiek lights or modern ones. In our shop we got some lamps aswel make sure to come and check them out!

3. Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants bring life to your house, and are cheap you may say. We have to  admit that some plants need care, but you can always ask the clerk the right info for that specific plant!

Cactus are very easy in maintenance. You got almost no work watering them and yet you can make them hip and trendy in your interoir. In this category you also got the succulent plant. They also are low in watering. This side table is a nice example.

4. Statues

Statues got the profile of being expensive, but that's not true at all. Nowadays you can buy sculptures and pots at a low price in some stores.

  • statues, don't over do it, go for sober colours that give your dresser advantage the extra it deserves.
  • wooden decoration, mostly with rustic interoir. Wood brings ambience and warmth to your house especially in combination with candles.

5. Do it yourself

The internet is full of "DIY" ideas. make sure you checkout  Pintrest or Instagram, where DIY decoration a true hype is. And it gives you a cool story to tell your friends how you got that cool item. 

For example; empty jars can be used as candle holders if you glue some cool paper prints on them.

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