Renovate easy and smart...

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It is not what it was, your dream home from a few years ago is not so hip and trendy anymore. You want renew and you need a new fresh House ... But how can you deal with this the best? We give you some tips!

Your budget

 Everything starts with the capital that you wish to use to renovate. Be realistic with your investment in the future, go for durability and remember to make your home greener so that this has a positive influence on your bills etc.

The estimate of a price per square meter is about 800 à 900 euro indoors. Of course you can lower the cost by doing things yourself. 

Your personal wishes

Once you have a budget and you have created a calculation you can go see what you want. If you want to go for more space and want to break down, you want to go and be greener solar panels are super,  everything is possible as long as you have the budget to do so.

Think of the long term and go for durability UPGRADE your home.

The plan

You now have capital and a wish list, now create a plan and see if anything is possible. If you come to the conclusion that not everything is possible then get rid of things you really don't need. New power lines are better that you would go for that home automation. Be aware of your choices. 


You want more space for little money, do you really just want that one wall Demolished? Find out how your House is constructed and where the supporting walls are. You better Demolish a regular wall than a supporting wall. If you demolish a regular wall then you have more space, Demolish a supporting wall then you have to replace the support... 

  • Supporting walls Demolish your best not

  • Keep your house standing

  • Ordinary walls that can be left out are okay to demolish

Be smart

If you have some corners, crevices or other blank spots where you can be inventive? See if under the empty space of the stairs you could make a small closet.  Go after what could be improved and search for a practical solution. Watch the plan of your home and check where you can be inventive! Maybe you can make your dusty attic into a bedroom?

The right info

It is a remains a major happening renovating a home, so get support and inform by a certified contractor or architect. Show your budget, needs and plans to your contractor or architect and these will tell if your big plan is possible. Make sure you have all the info you need before you really take action!


If you're renovating you should also adjust your furniture anyway, you can best go for quality at an affordable price! Be sure to check our webshop.