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How expensive is building a house?

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hoe duur is een huis bouwen meubis meubelen betaalbaar wonen ca coute combien construire une maison building a house how much does it cost

Those who think about building a house, almost immediately ask themselves the question: how expensive is building a house? No matter how simple the question may sound, the answer is not that easy at all. The prices of new homes vary enormously, and are also dependent on external factors: region, degree of finish, surface area, building style, etc. So a clear and simple answer to that question is not that simple, but of course you can get an idea of the total price, if you take certain factors into account.

Renovating a house: what are you paying attention to?

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Although renovating a house is in many cases a good investment, it is best not to rush into it. There is a lot involved. Do you need a building permit for your renovation? Do you have enough financial means? Are there certain premiums you can claim? Do you know the standards and laws with which your home must comply? These are just a few of the questions anyone with renovation plans should ask themselves. We'll help you on your way, because renovating a house is one thing, but what exactly do you need to pay attention to?

Rebuilding the house. Where to start?

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Huis verbouwen waar beginnen meubis blog bouwen en verbouwen batibouw

The decision has been made: you want to rebuild your house. Of course, that involves a lot. In addition to the financial preparations, you also have a lot of practical preparations to make. And one of the most important questions in that respect is: where to start renovating your house? Of course, there are no real standard rules for that, but we do try to help you get started in a logical way.

What to think about when you renovate your kitchen?

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Renovating a kitchen sounds easy enough, doesn't it? But it's not that simple. Think about your kitchen layout, the available space, water supply, power lines, safety features, the style and relationship of the kitchen with the rest of the house, the costs you are going to make. So it's a puzzle you have to solve to create a practical and ergonomic space where you can cook your potty in style on a daily basis.

When to start renovating?

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More than half of Belgians renovate their homes shortly after the purchase. This is evident from a 2018 study by Incidence, in the context of Batibouw. In most cases it is the owners, namely 65%, who have the renovations carried out. Renters also carry out renovations, but less so. But from when exactly can you start the renovations?

Why renovate sustainably?

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Sustainable renovation is a long-term thinking exercise from which you can get a lot of benefits while you give mother nature a helping hand. Would you like to know why and receive tips on sustainable renovations?

Tax benefits for renovating your house as a couple or family in 2020

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Emma, Arthur, gezin met kinderen, fiscale, financiële voordelen

Imagine yourself that Emma and Arthur are a young couple with children who want to buy and renovate their first home. They have mapped out the perfect renovation plan, they know exactly what they need and how much it will cost, but they also want to know whether the costs can still be reduced with some tax benefits or grants. With the advantages below, we offer some basics with which they can renovate in 2020.

How to plan renovations of your home?

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Planning verbouwen en renoveren

You know exactly what you want to renovate, who can help you, how you are going to pay for it, which parts of the house you start renovating first and you can plan everything to perfection. In short, you become a hero of renovations who breathes new life into your home. Still need some tips? Not to worry, we are not telling your wife that you cheated a bit. Below we provide some secret steps to help you with the renovation.

How to renovate cheaply?

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How can you renovate for cheap? We often think that renovating a house requires big plans and a lot of budget, but you can also adapt your home with a limited budget by investing in smart and small renovations. We give you 5 ideas so that you can make your dream house more comfortable and functional with a small budget.