Which boxspring to choose?

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Choosing a boxspring is super fun! You have different models, different styles, and often a lot of colors available. It's very easy to fall in love with the look of a specific boxspring, but is that a good measure to make a decision? When will you know if a boxspring is good for you? There are a number of criteria you should take into account before choosing a boxspring.

The ergonomic aspect

Every choice should actually start with an ergonomic consideration. If you buy a box spring, you do so with the intention of using it for many years to come. It is therefore important that the ergonomics of the boxspring (and the mattresses) match the needs and characteristics of your body. What do we understand by the ergonomics of a boxspring?

You spend a lot of hours in bed every day. The reason why we sleep, and therefore spend several hours a day in bed, is to be able to give the body (and brain) rest. It is important that your body can rest correctly. If that is not the case, after a while physical complaints can occur, such as back pain or neck pain. An ergonomically correct box spring and/or mattress provides sufficient support in the right places of the body. An ergonomically correct box spring mattress provides the right support at the right pressure points, for your body.

For who wants meer info on the different mattresses and which one to buy, we've written a blog about it: Buying a new mattress - Some tips.

The practical aspect

This seems logical, of course, but we still often see people who, at the time of purchase, don't really think about it. A boxspring bed of 180x200cm or even 200x200cm sounds very nice and spacious, but of course you should also have enough space for it. Very often the headboard is a bit wider than the boxspring bed itself, so you have to take that into account when you look at the total width. In terms of depth, it's actually the same story: also take the headboard into account. Most headboards are about 8 to 12cm thick, so it's best to take that into account the total depth of 200cm.

In the shop we do notice a change in size. Where 160x200cm used to be the standard, you notice that more and more often 180x200cm is chosen. At the same time, you see less and less 140x200 beds. Again, keep in mind the available space. There is nothing more annoying than too little space between your bed and the wall.

The comfortable aspect

In addition to the fact that the box spring must be ergonomically correct, it must of course also feel comfortable. This differs enormously from person to person, and actually also from body to body. Your boxspring can be ergonomically perfectly okay, you should also have a wonderful feeling with it. A good night's sleep is extremely important, so the comfort aspect is no superfluous luxury.

Of course, electric box springs offer just that little bit extra in terms of comfort. You can adjust both the footboard and the headboard with a remote control, which also makes your box spring very attractive for reading a book or watching a movie before going to bed, for example.

In addition, you also have many specific characteristics, such as people who sweat a lot at night. They are best with a mattress that perspires well, so the sweat doesn't stay in the mattress too long. Another example is the way you sleep. Belly sleepers often benefit from a different type of mattress/boxspring than a side sleeper or a back sleeper. So it's best to look ahead at the moment you make the choice for a specific boxspring.

The physical aspect

We can already hear you thinking: can we also choose what our box spring will look like? Of course we can! More than that, we'd love to help you out. Boxspring exists today in a lot of colours, fabrics, materials and styles. Do you have a country bedroom? Then you're looking for a country bedroom with an earthy colour (beige, light brown, taupe, light grey, ...) and an attractive headboard. To create a sleek bedroom, you might even want to grab an artificial leather, with a sleek headboard. You can also make a difference with the legs, just look at boxspring Aderito, where the design legs create a modern and contemporary effect.

At Meubis we attach great importance to the price/quality ratio. If a boxspring with us costs a little more, such as the Caresse collection, you can be sure that you get the absolute top quality. Of course quality has its price, but we make it a point of honour to keep the price as correct and low as possible for every product, taking quality and durability into account.

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