Tips for the smaller bedroom

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The bedroom is a place where you relax. A pigsty is not good for your mind. Try to create a clean and organized bedroom. What if you have a very small bedroom, in which you just "have" that pigsty effect? For the smaller bedrooms there is a solution!

A bunkbed gives you many options

A bunkbed is a practical idea the the smaller bedroom. The idea is to sleep on a higher level and create more space under the bed. You save space and don't lose any! Our bunkbed Space up is a good example. Even Miley Cyrus talked about how impressed she was with this bed on Instagram and Facebook. There are so many options, take a look for yourself by clicking the next picture and video.

A bed with extra storage space

A bunkbed ... i see you thinking, you're not rally into the idea. We understand that, not everybody is into the idea. Many kids have a bed like that because the like to sleep in a bed on a high level. But they also exist for teenagers and adults who are in need of more storage space. For example bed Till, the many shelfs and drawers under the bed make sure you can store even more stuff, your room will never be a pigsty. It's not that much higher from a normal bed. 

A wardrobe in the perfect size

Many times it's a task to find the perfect wardrobe for a smaller bedroom. That wardrobe you had in mind  is too big, and the only option left is to buy smaller wardrobes in which you can't store as much as you would like. Lucky for you our collection NYC is a good solution! Because of this collection you are able to mix and match until you have your perfect wardrobe. Wardrobe that have  1 to 5 doors, who adaptable to get your perfect wardrobe size. Our collection Easy  could be an option aswel: Many colours and every wardrobe has 5 sizes. Another chance to achieving the perfect size.

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