There's a bun in the oven, are you prepared?

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A baby on the way is fantastic news. You will be overwhelmed with congratulations from family, friends. The first few weeks you live on a cloud, but gradually the realization that there is a lot of work kicks in. Decorating the baby room is often one of the most difficult tasks. We have some tips to help you on your way.

Analyse the available room

Important starting point for a successful baby room is the space available. In addition to the total area of the room, where the door and the window are located, or the room has small corners and, not to mention, how much natural light the room catches. This may affect the decoration of the room and use the of many colors in the room. The room that has plenty of natural light, can play with dark colours. In the other case, it is better to go for light colours.

How are you gonna divide the room

Before you can divide the room, it is of course important to list what exactly you will need, both for the baby and for yourself:

  • The baby bed and/or crib. The baby cot is one of the most important things in the baby room, and deserves an important place. Best is to leave some space around the bed, so that the child does not tends to go grab stuff and thereby will be wanting to climb out of the bed. At the Centre of the room or against a bare wall is ideal. Preferably not too close to the heating..
  • The changing table. A dresser with changing table is a very useful piece of furniture for the nursery. It is important to note that everything is within reach. The ideal height of the changing table may vary, but is on average between 90 and 110 cm.

  • Rocking chair/sofa. Very often is also finds a place in the nursery.

Think about the decoration of the room

At first you need to choose the furniture for your baby's room. This is of course a question of style and preference, because the offer is often enormous. In combination with the furniture you should check out the colour of the walls. Paint your walls in a particular colour, do you like the sober style and you go for white walls? You can colour an atmosphere in the room by accessories, toys, or other small additions, ensuring your children's room is a dream room for your baby.