Buying a new mattress some tips

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1. Your length

Your own length is a very important starting point when you want to buy a mattress. Standard mattresses are 200 cm long, but people who are themself close to a  length of 200 cm, buy a slightly longer mattress. On request we can also adjust all mattresses on 210 cm or 220 cm. The general guideline is that your mattress should be (at least) about 20 cm longer supposed to be than your height. 

2. Your weight

Your weight is also very important for the hardness of your mattress. With most mattresses on our website there is a recommended weight. If this is not the case, you should always check with our staff. This is not an exact science, but people under 60 kg will enjoy a mattress different than someone else of 100 kg, and then also appreciate a different kind of mattress.

3. Allergies 

Do you have an allergy to dust mites or a certain material, then you should also pay attention to them when purchasing your mattress. At Meubis we only have mattresses with a certificate that guarantees that the mattress is free of harmful substances, and anti-allergic. With Meubis you can count on so that you will have no burden of your allergy, but in other stores you better check in advance.

4. Physical complains

Do you have physical symptoms such as back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain? Please report it to our sellers. For us it is a lot easier to make the right choice and to help you. A pressure reducing mattress has certain characteristics, a certain hardness and other elements than anything more important than in the case of no physical complaints.

5. Heath

If you feel cold or warm during the night's sleep, there are also a number of things you could watch out for. The ventilating ability of your mattress is important if you often are hot at night. During your sleep your body sweats and the warm air has to go somewhere. If not, you get very quickly too hot in bed. Latex mattresses for example ventilate slightly less good. It can certainly be important in your choice.

6. Washable 

The washability of the tick is also a great advantage for many people. Is your tick detachable and washable (60 degrees), then that's very positive for the hygiene of the mattress. That way you keep the mattress longer clean and hygienic.

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