5 benefits of a boxspring

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The box spring is more popular than ever and no bed can compete! Of all the beds that are sold is 7/10 a box spring. A box spring is a wooden or metal bonell fetaher bin. There is a topper on it. The bed and headboard is usually covered with fabric or imitation leather. the combinations and possibilities are endless.

1. Optimal support

A box-spring bed is the perfect bed if you are looking for the right support, it offers dual support and gives pressure on the points where the body needs it. 

  • With an electric  one you can adjust all
  • It provides support where needed
  • The right support

2. Many options

This bed is available in many versions as you think. Sizes, colours and style of your interior and your wishes you can go through your box spring.

  • Electric or just  regular slats.
  • Finished in fabric or leather
  • Topper option

3. Good  ventilation

In each box spring, there is a lot of room between the springs in the mattress where by this structure will be able to ventilate better. This is ideal for air circulation and ideal for ventilation during the night. 

  • The ventilation provides an ideal ventilation of your mattress.
  • The mattress will get rid of sweat in between the fibers

4.For every type

A box spring is suitable for everyone, whether you're on your stomach, back  everyone benefits from a box spring. It's going to improve your sleeping position and will make sure that just you in your sleeping position sleep better.

5. For a long time

The last advantage of a box spring is the fact that you have it almost for the rest of your life, because these are so durable and continue to offer the same comfort as if he was just delivered. Your box spring is one that maintenance, your sleep wil be better and you can enjoy having your own beautiful long box spring. 

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