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Why choose Meubis?

Basically: There is not a single reason not to.

I know. Choosing what furniture store to shop with is hard. You want the best service, the best price and of course the perfect furniture.

That is why I'm here to make it a bit easier on you: choose Meubis!

Choosing Meubis is the best decision you'll take this week. Why? Well.. let me elucidate here.

The choice is yours, but I just want you to be fully informed before making one.

So without further ado: what will you gain from shopping with Meubis?

Already convinced? Scroll down for an exclusive gift, yet another reason why we are really the best choice.  

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1. Save yourself money

Save yourself some serious 





money to spend elsewhere. Because why would you pay too much for the exact same furniture piece?

Best price/quality

When shopping with Meubis you're buying the best price/quality. We're very transparant about our prices and often offer the lowest prices on the web. On top of this we do not have any hidden fees. What you see is what you'll pay. 

Oh, and In Belgium and the Netherlands the delivery on the ground floor is always free no matter the weight or size of the package.

Free delivery for every amount

As I just said we offer free delivery in the entire BeNeLux and in parts of France. And when I say always free delivery, I mean always free. Regardless of the purchased amount, the size of the package or anything.

For the other parts in France and for Switzerland the delivery is free starting from a purchased order of 1000€.

If you're in need of a moving elevator because you live on the top floor, than you can order one through us for the price of 120€. I

Frequent sales and discounts

We like to surprise our customers with fun sales, promos or discounts on top of our lowest prices. If you follow us on instagram, facebook or if you subscribe to our newsletter you'll never miss out on any of our actions. 

And just for you (because we're becoming fast friends already right?) I've already prepared a discount at the bottom of this page! 

A selection of products from our industrial collections

2. Save yourself time 

Get an answer to your question within a minute. On weekdays direct contact with our employees until 11pm!

Waiting for hours until someone picks up, or wait for weeks until someone responds to your email? Not the case for Meubis.

Our customer service is always ready for you. No matter what type of questions. 

Our chat is by far the most popular and efficient option because during weekdays you can reach one of our employees via chat between 10 am and 11 pm (!). 

During the weekends we want our employees to sleep early and get some rest so then our hours are slightly changed. 

Our chat has a median response time of less then a minute. And we're constantly striving for a shorter response time. 

That's because we really believe in personal contact with our clients and we want to create a bond of trust by being immediately available for questions and problems. 

If chat is not to your liking or you want to contact us in the middle of the night then you can always send us an email, text us, facebook us or choose from one of our other contact options. 

Order an assembly service and/ or a lift service in 1 click. 

When purchasing new furniture there is a whole lot that can give you a headache. You've found your perfect bed, but how to get it to your seventh floor apartment? 

Pivoting the whole thing through your staircase might be a fun Friends episode but : allas less fun in real life. 


And if you're not the handiest person alive you might want to get someone to assemble your new dining room for you. Let's pray you find a reliable guy or girl who doesn't spend to much time cause that hourly rate can get real costly, real quick.

We want to save you time by offering the option to a lift service and/or assembly service in 1 click. 

And because we value transparency you'll know exactly how much it will cost you beforehand. That way everything can be neatly arranged for you for, without worry about timing, expertise or hidden costs.   

A selection of products from our Scandinavian collections

3. Save yourself worry 

Order now for later

Found a really great deal on a sofa or a dining room on our site but not sure when your new home will be ready to move into? 

If only you could order your furniture now and then keep them in stock somewhere until you were ready to have them delivered... 

You guessed it! Meubis offers exactly that. So don't you worry about the timing, we'll keep them safe (for free!) until they're ready to go home. 

During the check out process you'll have the option to send us a remark or message. Just write down when delivery would be possible for you and we'll fix the rest. 

30 days to change your mind

We give you 30 days to change your mind. When purchasing online there's always a slight chance to be disappointed with the actual product. We don't want you to feel sad. So if you're not happy you can just cancel your order or arrange for it to be send back. 

2 jaar warranty

We give a 2 year warranty for all our products. Is there something wrong with your corner sofa, boxspring, dining room withing 2 years of purchase? Just contact us and we'll fix everything to ensure it gets replaced or fixed? 

 Transparency is our motto

We hate unexpected surprises, just like you. That's why we think it's incredibly important to be transparant when communicating with you. Not just about our prices and fees but also about the way we work. That way you can make an educated decision to shop with us. 

Discover in the video below how everything works when you order with Meubis. If you still have questions please contact us. We are here for you (and would love to hear from you). 

4. Go for a personal approach

You're not a number

Shopping with us means you're never just a number. It doesn't matter if you choose to come to our physical store or if you ordered on our webshop, the Meubis team take all the time to help you and advice you whenever you need it. A new furniture piece is an expression of yourself, and the only way to help you find the perfect fit is by taking our time to get to know you. 

Purchase your furniture at a store that cares

One of our mottos is: always keep improving. That is why we value your opinion. We try to be transparant about everything, that includes our customer reviews, The plethora of good ones, and the occasional lesser ones, no one is 100% foolproof, not even Meubis (though we try). 

What type of review you decide to leave us, we will always respond and listen with the greatest amount of respect. To improve and further open communication we always try to respond to your message. Besides that we are always actively working on incorporating feedback in our goals and action plans. 

We try to publish reports occasionally to keep you up to date about all the things we are improving. That way we can show you that we took your feedback into account. 

“We always listen to the input of our customers. We're actively trying to strengthen and enhance our products and services. ”

Dimitri van Meubis

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You need furniture, and it's pretty urgent? We have a lot of things that can be delivered quickly! Below you will find the products that are most sold in the last few days, and that can be delivered quickly.


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