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When is the best time to visit the store?

At Meubis we love to make time to provide you with the best service and personalised advice so that you can go home with your dream interior. But sometimes it can be a little busier in the showroom than expected. Find out which are the best moments to visit us to plan your visit so we can provide you with an outstanding service.

The ideal time for your visit

We would like to invite you during some quieter moments in which we can certainly provide enough time for you to tell us all your questions, wishes and needs. So you can enjoy a nice and relaxed atmosphere while you can design the interior of your dreams in our spacious showroom.

Our showroom is open from Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 18h00. We advise you to come in the morning or before 3 pm on these days so we can spend plenty of time looking for the perfect furniture for your wishes. On Sundays and holidays, we welcome you from 13h00 till 18h00. Then the quietest time to visit is from 15h00 till 18h00.

Make your visit inspirational

Feel free to take a look at our website for inspiration, who knows, you may already get a great idea for your interior and can combine it with furniture from the showroom. So our multilingual advisors can also specifically respond to the possibilities of your ideas.

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