For every piece of furniture, you enjoy a 2-year warranty. Some products even have a longer warranty if provided by one of our loyal partners.

Legal guarantee of two year warranty

You enjoy a legal warranty of two years for any flaw to your product that exists when the product is delivered, on the condition that you did not know the flaw and that the flaw or defects of the product reveals itself within two years of receiving your product at the time of delivery. If this is the case then you are entitled to demand either the replacement or the repair of the product in question. If neither of the two options is possible then you can either get a suitable reduction in the price or you can dissolve your salesagreement (taking into consideration certain conditions in the lawbook see art. 1649bis and the following in the civil lawbook.) 

If you want to exert your right of warranty you can contact Meubis making sure that you contact them within two months of first having noticed the defect or flaw. If you discover the defect within the first six months, it is assumed that the flaw already existed and any proof of the contrary has to be made by Meubis to be able to forfeit the warranty agreement. After six months, the customer has to proof that the flaw or defect already existed when receiving the product for him to make a claim on the warranty.

When switching the product the original salesdate of the product will remain the official salesdate that marks the beginning of the warranty term. After two years you can not demand a repair or replacement of your product anymore. The only exception being if it is otherwise stated on the website. 

The products that have a normal lifespan of less then two years, or even six months, according to the general agreed upon usage or the technical limitations (and taking into consideration the price), are only under warranty for their normal lifespan. The legal rights you have in accordance with the Belgian law with regards to consumergoods  

Read more about our warranty policy in article 11 of our terms and conditions. 

If you need to make a claim, please email our Customer service team or call +32/50820559 from and from 14h00-18h.

“For every piece of furniture, you enjoy a 2 year guarantee. Some products even have a longer guarantee if provided by one of our loyal partners.”

Dimitri from Meubis


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