August at Meubis is all about discounts and promos. That's why we're giving discounts on the entire range of products. Looking for a new boxspring for you bedroom? Would you like a dining room that reflects your current style? Is your corner sofa worn out and in need of replacement? Your new decor starts at Meubis.

This month we focus on bargains, sales and discounts. We'll be giving discounts on our entire range of products. Are you looking for a new boxspring for your bedroom? Does your dining room no longer fit your style? Or is it time for a new dining room because the current one no longer fits your personal style and character? Or maybe it's your corner sofa that needs some sprucing up. On this page you'll find some examples of our extreme furniture discounts. 

Your new decor starts with Meubis. 

Discounts on Boxsprings

During our super sales, we've added discounts to all our boxsprings. The perfect moment to upgrade your sleeping experience. Below you'll find some examples of our amazing deals. Don't forget to take a look at our entire collection of boxsprings, otherwise you'll miss a lot of great sales. 

Boxspring Aderito

Boxspring Aderito is a beautiful boxspring, finished with sturdy quality fabric. Aderito literally means: strong and sturdy. This boxspring has a really elegant yet tough design because of his beautiful headboard and the elegant lines. Another added benefit of this model is the extra storage space under the bed in which you can store all your seasonal bedding. Besides all of this the boxspring possesses elegant furniture legs reminiscent of industrial design. 

Boxspring Alice

Boxspring Alice is a contemporary and elegant Boxspring made with sturdy and durable materials. The beautiful fabric and the contemporary design enhance the elegant design of the wonderful boxspring. 

Boxspring Inez

Boxspring Inez is a stylish boxspring, finished in a beautiful fabric. Because of the elegant headboard and the beautiful fabric used, this boxspring is really the epitome of style and elegance. Even the subtle, classy furniture legs enhance this elegant design. 

Sales on corner sofas. 

A new corner sofa can get quite expensive pretty quickly. Especially if you want a quality sofa made with durable materials like Italian leather, or if you prefer an exclusive design. That is why corner sofas are one of the best items to purchase during our super sales. These three beautiful corner sofas are getting an extra large discount during our winter sales. Don't forget to visit our entire range of corner sofas however. That way you're sure not to miss out on you perfect sofa. 

By the way, did you know that almost all our sofas are available in more then 200 colours and fabrics? So if you see a model you like, be sure to contact our team to discuss the available options if you would like a more unique colour. 

Corner sofa Armando

Modern corner sofa Armando with sleep function and adjustable headrests. This spacious sofa with it's straight lines is available in multiple colours, fabrics and finishes. A real bestselling favourite sold at an amazing price!

Corner sofa Marco

This modern, convertible corner sofa Marco has a real distinct design and will be a true eye catcher in any room. This sofa works well in a modern living room but also in an office environment. Subtle decorative elements enhance the unique design. This sofa has a sleeping function and two spacious storage compartments at the bottom. This sofa is available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics.

Corner sofa Ottavio

Add style and comfort to your living room with this modern and functional corner sofa Ottavio. This stylish sofa has a sleeping function and is available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. The sofa is very spacious with a width of 275cm, a depth of 180cm and a height of 70cm.

Sales on dining rooms

During our winter sales in januari we're also discounting all our dining rooms. Our dining room sets contain a dining table, a sideboard and a display cabinet. The chairs are always available for purchase on our site but are not included in the set. The dining room is like the calling card of your home, so it's no wonder that you would like for your dining room to be beautiful and stylish. We have a wide range of dining rooms in all possible styles or colours. The three below are our all time favourites, but be sure to take a look at our complete range of dining rooms too.

Dining room York Cottage

Dining room York Cottage is a beautiful dining room of supreme quality. The finish in wooden melamine ensures that the dining room's warm, country design is enhanced. This set contains a low sideboard (215cm) a display cabinet (122cm) and a table of 190cm. 

This dining room is part of our extensive collection of York furniture. 

Dining room Anthony

Dining room Anthony is a beautiful dining room made of sturdy and durable materials. The wooden look enhances the warm, country decor while the design and the finish gives the whole dining room a contemporary touch. This set contains a sideboard (220cm), a display cabinet (150cm) and a table of 180cm. 

Dining room Lips

Dining room Lips is finished in the colours Ash and Grey oak. Because of the unique style of the furniture legs underneath the sideboard and table, the whole set gets an industrial look and vibe. This dining room is finished with materials of the highest quality. this set contains a dining table of 160 or 180cm, a sideboard of 200cm and a matching bar cabinet (112cm, 4 doors). 

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2 year warranty

Whatever product you purchase you always get a 2 year warranty. Is there something wrong with your corner sofa, boxspring or dining table within 2 years of purchasing the item? Be sure to contact us immediately and then we'll do everything that is necessary to replace or fix the product in question. More info can be found on our 2 year warranty page.