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Promotions of the month

Every month we put some products in the spotlight at Meubis. These actions and promotions are valid for one month. Also during the month of March, we give a lot of discounts on certain products. Here you have a preview of our box spring deals, dining room bargains and much more.

Because of the effects of the Covid Pandemic there are large increases in price initiating at the supplier level. Unfortunately this means have to adjust our prices accordingly. But because we know that Covid is already putting undue pressure on families and singles we do not feel that an increase in prices can be implemented one day to the next.

We believe in affordable living. And stylish furniture for every budget and every household. And we continue to support those beliefs.

That is why we have decided to put all our products on sale during the first month of the price increase. It is so crazy, it's almost like a full on winter sale, with discounts up to -50%. That way, you can purchase the items you had set your heart on without any uneaseness.

On this page you can find our bestsellers and the discounts on these items. But do not forget. All our products are on sale this month. So be sure to browse through our entire offer and don't miss out during these extraordinary discounts.

Boxsprings promotions

Boxsprings are a very popular product in our collection. We have boxsprings in all styles, sizes and colors. Are you looking for a modern boxspring, maybe even an electric boxspring? Or do you prefer a fixed boxspring, in a country or Scandinavian style?

Below you will find some of our boxspring promotions.

Double bed promotions

There are certainly still a lot of people who prefer an ordinary double bed to a box spring. In addition to the standard bed frames, you now increasingly see bed frames that have the looks of a boxspring, but the characteristics of a double bed. What do you think of these models?

Of course we have a lot of other double beds, just like single beds.

Corner sofa promotions

Corner lounges are not only very cosy, they are often just the most practical solution to make the best use of your space. You can get a corner sofa with several materials and colors while you can always choose the corner as well. By the way, did you know that many of our corner sofas also have a bed function and storage options?

We have a lot of corner salons in discount, below you'll find a small selection

Dining room set promotions

These days, the dining room is the business card of your home. A trendy dining table, a handy sideboard and a beautiful bar or display cabinet. That's what is standard in a complete dining room set. Of course, you can also choose the chairs yourself in the style you have in mind for the perfect dining experience.

Have you seen these popular dining rooms?

Actions of the month - Dining rooms

Bedroom set promotions

A bedroom is a place where you can relax. They are often finished in soothing colors, but at Meubis you will find them in all styles. A spacious wardrobe, a bed and two bedside tables. That's what's included in our complete bedroom sets. Together with us, you can choose the best mattress for your body, as well as slatted frames.

These bedroom sets are currently very popular in our collection.

Actions of the month - Bedrooms

Baby room set promotions

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! There's a lot to choose from, but choosing the baby's room is undoubtedly one of the most fun! At Meubis we work together with some well-known brands such as Quax and Vipack. That way we are sure to offer quality, for the best price. Our baby rooms always include a cot, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers with changing table. Everything you need in one beautiful room set.

What do you think of these baby rooms?

Actions of the month - Baby bedrooms

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