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To make living affordable, that is thé mission of Meubis. That's why we make every effort every day to offer the best quality for the lowest price. To guarantee that quality we work together with a few carefully selected partners who share the mission and vision of Meubis and who themselves guarantee quality for a hundred percent. It is with proud that we present our partners to you. When choosing who to work with we don't just look at who the quality they can offer but also at the location at which they are based. For the largest part we try to work together with local partners, based right here in Belgium. This enables us to offer our customers locally made products.


Situated in Aartrijke Meubar produces a large variety of products. Ranging from Livingrooms to children's rooms to bedrooms. Meubar is known for their timeless, quality furniture for a reasonable price. Regardless whether you prefer a more modern or more country style you'll find your style with Meubar. Besides this Meubar keeps it affordable to design your perfect interior with quality furniture. Discover the entire Meubar collection offered by Meubis here.

Selection from Meubar's range of products



Evan is a producer of furniture located in Veurne. Since their establishment in 1968 Evan has made it their mission to produce high quality collections of Belgian origin. Their range mostly consist of living- and dining rooms which they offer in a wide array of styles. Resonating with the mission of Meubis, Evan creates high quality furniture for a low price. Curious to see which Evan collections Meubis has to offer? Discover them here.  

Selection from Evan's range of products


The family business Bauwens was established eighty years ago by Gaston Bauwens. The factory in Beernem produces to this day high quality bedrooms, dining rooms, sofas and chairs. They’re your guarantee for Belgian top quality. An overview of all the Bauwens collections can be found here. 

Van Landschoot

The family business Van Landschoot has concerned itself the last ninety years about our sleeping comfort. They are our fixed supplier for all bedrooms articles and are located a stone's throw away of our own storefront. They are your guarantee for Belgian top quality. 


Recor is a Belgian furniture supplier established in 1949 by Rene Corthouts. Recor started out by selling quality mattresses but expanded rather quickly by selling sofas, bedrooms, dining rooms and other seating related furniture. At Recor you’ll be able to find a whole range of products in different styles. As with all our carefully selected partners Recor makes sure to only produce collections that ‘excell at having a remarkable price-performance ratio. In other words, the best price for the best quality. An overview of all Recor collections offered by Meubis can be found here. 

Selection from Recor's range of products


Neyt is a Belgian family company with departments in Beervelde and Lokeren. For the last 35 years they’ve been producing qualitative and modern ‘take home’ furniture. They offer a wide range of different products. Baby rooms, teenager rooms, bedrooms, offices, dining- and living rooms. Neyt will help you set up your entire home. 

Selection from Neyts's range of products


Demeyere is a French furniture company. Established in 1909 as a craft business they soon expanded to become one of the largest furniture suppliers in Europe. All the while remaining true to their values and ethics. Demeyere produces their furniture while keeping five tenets in mind. First of all they want to offer affordable furniture for every budget. Second of all they’re proud to have local, French designers designing their products. Thirdly they guarantee a detailed and qualitative finishing to all of their products. Fourthly they will always take care to enhance their already fast logistics and deliveries. Lastly they want to offer furniture for everyone's tastes and predilections. An overview of all Demeyere’s collections offered by Meubis can be found here. 

Selection from Demeyere's range of products


Altoni is an Italian sofa company established in 1994 by Pasquale Tricarico. The company vouches to have the most refined finishings and to have an eye for details. Every model they produce is the result of a long and carefully thought out process where they will study, design and refine their sofa keeping in mind the latest furniture trends.

Altoni is synonymous for quality leather. With every leather sofa they will explore what type of leather is most suited for each individual product. This ensures a unique sitting experience, every single time. Discover the complete range of Altoni collections offered by Meubis here. 


Wimex was established in 1990 and is a supplier of affordable and qualitative furniture. They produce a wide range from children- to living rooms and more. Wimex is located in Germany and exports to over 50 countries. In recent years the company has been able to realize an above average market development largely thanks to their current director Ulrich Börger and his driven team of employees. A growing trend they will only continue in the future. 

Selection of Wimex's product range

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