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Renovating or building your new home? Usually this is a time full of conflicting emotions. Excitement and curiosity for your finished home. Frustration when dealing with unexpected problems. Dreaming away when thinking of the day you’ll finally be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in your new kitchen. Being stressed when discovering you’ll have to push the deadline back with a month… again. Sounds familiar?

Why order now for later?

For many of you there will be an added concern when you’re nearing the end of your renovation or building project: When are you going to order your new furniture? There are usually two different options. Or you order your furniture well in advance to be delivered or collected at a certain date. This has the benefit of being able to browse at leisure when looking for your furniture and you’ll be able to install your furniture the moment your house is finished. But if something happens that makes you postpone the deadline, you do run the risk of ending up with all your furniture in an unfinished house. The second option is ordering your furniture when you are sure your house is finished. In that case you should be prepared for an uncomfortable transition period in which your lovely home will be made up of barren and unappealing rooms for several weeks. Both of these options kinda take the joy out of finally finishing your new house doesn’t it?

At Meubis we want to help you get the interior you want to create the home you want. Without worry. That’s why you can order now for later. In theory, as soon as you know the measurements of your rooms, you can start planning and browsing for your new interior. That way you can take all the time you need to find the perfect interior and be assured that when you finally finish your house, you will receive the furniture you ordered as soon as possible. To top it all of, it’s delivered right at your doorstep. It doesn’t get easier than that! And with us there is no risk of ending up with all your furniture in a house that isn’t finished yet. If you discover your house won’t be finished by the time you had planned, we’ll stock your furniture, free of charge, until the moment your house is finished. That way you, and your new home, only receive the furniture when you are truly ready for it. 

How do you order now for later?

Sounds good doesn’t it! The only question still remaining is: Where do I sign up?

Well, it’s dead simple. When placing an order just use the ‘further remarks’ field to mention an approximate date for when you want your furniture delivered. We’ll only plan the delivery around that date. Something happened to create a delay? Not a problem, just send us an email beforehand to inform us and don’t forget to mention a new approximate delivery date and we’ll change it in our systems and contact you a little before to arrange for a fixed date.

Do pay attention to the minimal deliveryterm of our products. Because our furniture is produced specifically and individually for every order we cannot make a delivery any sooner than our minimal delivery term (which you can find on the product page)  

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