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Meubis Service & Coronavirus Updates

Find all service & coronavirus updates from Meubis and our suppliers here.

Change of delivery costs


From the 1st of April our delivery terms will change.

From then on, for orders below 500 euro shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

  • Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg: 15 euro
  • France: 25 euro

For orders over 500 euros, shipping costs remain free! 🙌

Why are prices increasing and are delivery times longer?


The approach of the corona virus has been causing global problems for a long time. We are not reporting anything unusual when we say that countless industries have been affected. The furniture industry is one of them.

What is the impact on the furniture industry?

It is important to know that as a furniture store, we depend on our suppliers. In turn, our suppliers also depend on subcontractors.

It works a bit like this:

The supplier delivers raw materials to the manufacturer. The manufacturer designs and produces the furniture and delivers it to the furniture stores.

So exactly where does it go wrong?

Corona has put a lot of things on hold. This has resulted in shortages of raw material. The manufacturer is getting much fewer supplies and also a lot less frequently. This means that the manufacturer is producing and distributing less furniture. On top of that, to be able to create the safest possible working environment, there is lower staffing in those factories, and all of this is causing delays.

In fact, it is currently so problematic that suppliers are being forced to sign Force Majeure and are therefore waiving signed contracts with manufacturers.

And how will this affect prices?

This is the classic supply/demand principle. The demand for furniture is high. Everyone is sitting at home and is forced to put their vacation plans on hold. This frees up extra budget to finally tackle the living room or set up a nice home office.

The demand for furniture is therefore enormous.

However, raw materials are scarcer than before.This results in higher demand and lower supply and therefore a general rise in prices. Raw materials are more expensive, manufacturers charge for this and furniture stores are forced to go along with these price increases.

Currently, we are still receiving weekly price adjustments from our furniture manufacturers.

How does Meubis handle this?

We have a good relationship with our suppliers and do everything possible to get 'our share' of the production so that we do not have to disappoint our customers.

However, it is difficult to assess whether the intended delivery dates can be met.

Factories are more often forced to introduce an unexpected production stop of 2 weeks because of a shortage of raw materials. With a temporary closure as a result.

As soon as we receive new delivery terms from the manufacturer, they are immediately adapted and correctly stated on our website. Unfortunately, nowadays they change so often that proactively communicating to the customer becomes a challenge.

We are therefore working hard to improve and implement new systems such as the Meubis customer portal where it is now easier to track orders. We will continue to work on this.

We have also deliberately chosen not to change prices during the sales in order not to disappoint our customers when 'the sideboard you were going to buy during the sales' is now suddenly more expensive.

Unfortunately, the prices will change on the website in the course of this week.

However, it's not all bad news because in order to give our customers the chance to complete any postponed purchases - and to alleviate the price increases a bit - we are happy to offer temporary discounts.

We therefore recommend that you take advantage of this transitional period because, for us too, it is extremely difficult to estimate whether prices will continue to change.

We hope to satisfy you with this campaign and to have informed you sufficiently.

Meubis in Corona time

Updates on our service during covid-19

Latest news
During this period, we will try to keep our shop open in a safe and proper manner so that you can access the furniture for your home. We will do everything possible to remain available online and in the showroom to give you a great shopping experience. In addition, we ensure that your ordered furniture is delivered as quickly as possible, but above all safely.

The delivery of your order may take longer due to busy times and shortages.
Check the order status in your account.

Shortages and congestion at furniture manufacturers

Find here the latest information on delivery problems and congestion at furniture manufacturers

Staff cuts at various furniture manufacturers and difficult supply of raw materials

Throughout the world, there are currently supply problems for various raw materials and staff outages due to Covid19. Unfortunately, this means that the supply of raw materials, products and semi-finished products for European furniture manufacturers is experiencing difficulties almost everywhere. This concerns 30 to 60% of all manufacturers.

Foam for seats, corner seats, box springs, mattresses and beds

10 December 2020

There is currently a dramatic shortage of foam for furniture such as box springs, mattresses, headboards and footboards among global furniture manufacturers, as this material is also used for the production of mouth masks. As a result, the prices of raw materials are rising every week, so that they have currently increased by 57%. On top of this, factory breakdowns are hampering the supply of raw materials for the foam. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that delays, postponements and cancellations due to force majeure may occur.


Bi-weekly update

The latest update shows that the entire supply chain of raw materials has been sold out for up to 16 weeks, sometimes leading to a delivery date of April 2021 at the earliest. The second wave has made the situation even worse for Meubar and their suppliers with new infections causing staff shortages. As a result, they will provide us with an update on the planned delivery date per model every 14 days. With this guidance we also make the adjustments on our Meubis website so you know approximately when to expect them.

Below you will find an overview of the latest delivery schedule of Meubar (subject to change).

  • BRISTOL: March 2021.
  • JAN: existing orders 1st half January 2021 / new orders 2nd half March 2021.
  • KENT: March 2021.
  • KORA: March 2021.
  • KUTA: 1st half March 2021.
  • KWADRO: February 2021
  • LOVINA: existing orders delivery November-December / new orders 2nd half March-early April 2021.
  • MALI: February 2021.
  • ORANGE: existing and new orders February 2021.
  • PAPILLON: February 2021.
  • SAMIR: 1st half of the month March 2021.
  • TOMBA: existing orders 1st half January 2021 / new orders 2nd half March 2021.
  • UBUD: 1st half March 2021.
  • YORK: all orders 2nd half January 2021.

Label 51

21 December 2020

Message from Label 51 HQ

Unfortunately, the coronavirus is affecting the furniture industry worldwide. Many factories are working at half strength. In addition, containers to ship the products in are currently scarce. This means that when the products are ready to be shipped, there are often no containers available. Also, ports are being overrun by cargo ships because of the shortages. Several factors therefore influence the delivery times of our products.

Of course, we do our utmost to inform you as accurately as possible, but the factors mentioned above often make it difficult to give an exact delivery time. We will therefore give you an indication of when we expect to receive the item and update this as soon as we have more clarity.

Do you want delivery in other country than Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands of France? Go to: