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More info about corner sofas

Corner sofas in leather or fabric for your personalised living room

Your living room is not complete without a comfortable corner sofa, which is like a dining table without chairs. A corner sofa with the right dimensions, the right fabric and the right colour will make your living room into the ideal relaxation space for yourself, friends and family.

Corner seats in all sizes, with relaxation option or storage space

Choosing the right corner sofa is an important decision, since you will probably spend a lot of time in it. So choosing the right one is no easy task.

Sofa for a large or small living room

Depending on the size of the living space, you want to use the space as efficiently as possible. Think of a smaller living room, bedroom or guest room where space is limited. A two- or three-seater corner sofa with an L-shaped corner will fit in perfectly to make the best use of your corner space. Do you have more space available? Consider a U-shaped corner sofa with five or six seats so your guests and family have plenty of room to socialise.

Some tips for your corner sofa

Be sure to pay attention to the available space where you want to place your corner sofa; there are corner sofas with the corner on both the left and the right. That way you can make sure the corner is positioned correctly.

You can also use the corner sofa to divide up the room instead of just placing it in a corner. In this way, you can enjoy your personal layout and define the boundaries of each space.

Are you looking for a fabric or leather corner sofa with a sleeping function or storage space for your interior? We will be pleased to help you in your search for the corner sofa that matches your sober, chic or modern living room.

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