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Multifunctional coffee tables & side tables for versatile living rooms

Your coffee table has been through so much, from glasses, candles, snacks and even your feet. But your coffee table also has a big impact on the style of your living room, they are right in the middle and therefore they should match your interior design.

Some tips for your ideal coffee table or side table

Depending on the size of your living room, you should check whether a round large coffee table or a square small coffee table fits. In addition, it is important to determine the height. For your corner salon, a low coffee table is more convenient. But if you want a small table next to your sofa, you should choose a small high side table so you can easily reach your drinks and snacks. Need some storage space? A coffee table or side table with storage space at the bottom ensures that you have all your necessities to hand.

Various materials for coffee tables to match your interior

Each material gives its own unique touch to your coffee table and ultimately your entire living room. Wood, metal, glass, each have their unique style and characteristics. For example, a rectangular wooden and metal living room table gives an industrial look to your space, while a round white wooden lounge table gives a modern touch. Prefer something that catches the eye? Go for a cosy side table in glass and metal.

So, you can match your coffee table with the rest of your furniture, or choose your lounge table first and then choose a matching corner sofa, TV cabinet, bookcase and bar cabinet that makes your interior style perfect.

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