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Is it possible to see a sample of the wood?

Choosing the right type of wood for your furniture so that it has a quality and durable life can be a hassle. We provide you with personal advice on the various types of wood combined with quality images so that you can make a choice for your dream interior.

Various wood samples

Our advisors have various wood samples from the manufacturers that will give you a quick impression of the appearance and possibilities. So you also know immediately if wooden furniture fits in your interior or if wooden accents in combination with glass or metal make a better fit.

What to pay attention to when buying wooden furniture

What kind of wood

The type of wood is important for the quality of your furniture. We distinguish 3 types.

  • Chipboard is the most economical option and consists of pieces of wood that are bound together with resin to form a light and strong piece of wood.
  • MDF is roughly the same as chipboard, but consists of very fine wood fibres that are compressed with a higher density. This makes MDF stronger than chipboard and gives it a very smooth surface.
  • Solid wood is, of course, the highest quality material you can get for your furniture. It is strong and has a natural appearance. This is a difference that you pay in price, but it also guarantees that your furniture will last a lifetime.


Types of wood differ and you can see that in the maintenance your furniture needs. Chipboard and MDF can be easily maintained with a clean cloth and warm soapy water while solid wood, with or without a finishing layer, will stay beautiful longer with the right and slightly more expensive maintenance products.

Which room

Keep in mind the space in which you want to place wooden furniture. In the bathroom, where it can often get very damp, it is better to choose solid wood such as teak or tropical hardwood because they will not rot of the moisture. Of course, you can go for chipboard or MDF, but then you will have to maintain the furniture more often to make sure it will last a long time. So be sure to follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

Curious to see if the new wooden furniture matches your soft fabric corner salon? Enjoy multilingual advice in our showroom and also take a look at various fabric samples so you can find the perfect combination.

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