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Is it possible to see an example of the fabrics?

Choosing the right fabric for your new furniture can be a bit of a hassle. Which is why we would like to give you the best possible descriptions and quality images so that you can make the perfect choice to match your interior.

Fabric samples in the showroom

Not convinced yet? Feel free to drop by the models in the showroom. We also have more fabric samples so you can see the colour, structure and transparency of the material. In addition, you can see very well whether the pattern of the material suits your taste and your interior.

What to pay attention to when selecting fabric samples

Martindale number

This number serves as a reference for the quality of the fabric and is mainly used in Europe as a quality test to measure how much pressure fabrics can handle. It is very simple to use, the higher the number the longer the fabric will last. The numbers range from 6,000 which are mostly decorative fabrics to more than 50,000 for fabrics that will last a lifetime. Below is a small reference table.

  • Below 10,000 Martindale: These are decorative fabrics such as curtains.
  • 10,000 to 15,000 Martindale: An excellent choice for normal residential use.
  • 15,000 to 20,000 Martindale: Ideal for intensive living, pets and children.
  • Above 20,000 Martindale: Perfect for intensive living or work-related matters.
  • Above 50,000 Martindale: Best quality fabrics that last a lifetime.

Light unit

What's more annoying than furniture discolouring in the sun, no one likes to see your beautiful seats turn grey. Direct sunlight is never good for furniture, but here too there are quality differences. A number from 1 to 8 indicates how well your furniture can withstand discolouration when exposed to sunlight. The higher the number, the less the colour will be affected.


The Martindale scale also applies to this. The higher the number, the less the fabric will fluff and the more qualitative the fabric is. This can largely be avoided by choosing a fabric in which the fibres are woven in a weft. This will give you a fluffy effect, but it's something that a fluff brush can immediately eliminate.

Curious to see if the new fabric furniture matches your new wooden cabinets or tables? We provide personalised and multilingual advice for your supplies and various wood samples so that you can find the perfect combination.

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