More info about illumination

More information about lighting

The right light for the right atmosphere

Create a light festival in your own living room, let your bedroom bathe in subtle lighting or need some extra light to take your notes? As the day progresses we need different kinds of light. The best thing, of course, is still sunlight that seeps into your space in a natural way. But how do you do this in the evening or when you are sitting in a room without windows?

A lamp is a combination of atmosphere and functional light. You can play with the placement of the light source and the direction in which the light shines depending on what you are doing in a certain room. A standing lamp in front of your reading corner, a hanging lamp with low beam above your dining table, a LED desk lamp on the desk or a wall lamp with sensor in the entrance hall. This is the strength of a light, you can use it as atmospherically or functionally as you like.

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