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Customized advice in the furniture store

Services for your specific needs and wishes


Your furniture is always delivered for free

All purchases in the store, regardless of the purchase amount, are delivered free of charge in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Delivery in France is possible under certain conditions. Free delivery is possible in the departments below or from € 1000.00.

  • Departement 02
  • Departement 08
  • Departement 51
  • Departement 54
  • Departement 55
  • Departement 57
  • Departement 59
  • Departement 60
  • Departement 62
  • Departement 76
  • Departement 80
  • Departement 88

When you place an order in the store, your contact information is saved so that we can track the status of your order and coordinate the delivery. You will be personally informed by e-mail of the delivery time and status updates of your order.

Assembly of new furniture

Our experienced engineers can assemble your furniture at your home. The assembly service of Meubis is available for one item or for your complete dining room set. This way you can be sure that your new furniture is assembled correctly while you save time. This service is offered for a small surcharge that depends on the type of furniture and can be requested during or after your order. No hourly rates and no unpleasant surprises. That way you always know what the price is for the assembly.

Need a spare part or report feedback in the store

Is a part of your furniture lost, is something damaged or do you have feedback about our service? No problem, feel free to visit the showroom so that our advisors can find the appropriate solution for you.

Do not forget to bring the following items for a swift repair of your furniture item.

  • Your name and number of the order.
  • A description and photo or video of the damaged part.
  • A description of the lost part. If possible, provide a photo or video of a similar component.
  • The identification number of the damaged or lost part. You can find this on the assembly plan that is included in your package of the article.

As soon as the consultant has sufficient information, we will first check whether the spare part is available in our stock. If this is not the case, it will be ordered from the manufacturer so that your furniture can be quickly repaired.

Need a furniture lift for delivery on an upper floor

We always deliver on the ground floor with 1 driver. However, if you live in an apartment and the furniture fits in the building's elevator, we would be happy to take it up by the elevator. But for example, you have purchased a large piece of furniture and live on a higher floor, then the furniture lift from Meubis can do the heavy lifting for you.

  • This way you avoid a lot of inconveniences
  • New furniture is neatly delivered to you
  • Your order will be swiftly delivered to your house
  • The walls, paint or wallpaper of your home remain unharmed
  • You save the backs of our assembly engineers, for which thanks!

This service can only be reserved on request in the store or online and costs € 120. Meubis offers this service in combination with free delivery within the Benelux. You can also request the Meubis assembly service for your furniture to save a lot of time.


Do you want delivery in other country than Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands of France? Go to: