Tips for a wonderful winter

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Leaves falling from the treas, the fresh morning wind, these are the signs that fall is coming. A wonderful season for sure, this associated with a cosy and warm ambience. After this season winter is always next. Even though the temperatures haven’t been so low anymore the past few years, it is always a good idea to check if your house is winter proof! Here are some tips to save money and avoid having to spend much money!

5 mistakes made in almost every bedroom

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When it comes to the bedroom, we see with our customers that they are very often have the same problems in the bedroom. We dare to call this blunders. Your bedroom is a place to relax, and to gain power again. Are you going to look for a new bedroom soon? Please make sure these errors are not yours.

5 tips to create space in a small dining room

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Eetkamer Delhi

We often hear from customers that they only have a small dining room space available. That people often have trouble getting the dining room not cluttered, or too busy. However, it is perfectly possible, with a few small tips, a small space also a can have a spacious feeling. Here we give you some tips.

Interior trend: Plants and flowers

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Interieurtrend groen in huis

Plants in your house are trendy again. It is not a new trend but this trend is totally hot again. People are more creative with flowers and plants in their interior. People are coming to a point where they embrace the fact that flowers and plants have a good influence on their mood. But you should not go for a full jungle in your interior. With the tips we have for your we can show you how you should welcome flowers and plants in your interior.

A pretty girls room in not time

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Een mooie meisjeskamer in een handomdraai 1

Girls growing up spend a big amount of time in their rooms. Their room is their kingdom the place where they can be who they are when no one is watching. If you are ready to take on the task of refurnishing that room, you better make sure you got a good plan because your daughter will have. Here are some tips and inspiration.

5 handy interior apps

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You're going to live on your own for the first time, want to give your interior a complete make-over, or want to buy a new corner sofa. But where do you start? There are so many things that you have to take into account. What do I like? What will fit in my apartment or house? Both in terms of style and color? And what would everything look like together? We've made a small list of handy (and free!) apps to help you on your way!

Tips for a child friendly house

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When you have or had kids you know the feeling of never be at peace with yourself. For example when your toddler learns to walk, you as a parent are expected to have eyes and ears everywhere. For someone Who is expecting his first baby it is very difficult to Think about everything that should be adapted in your house. Every parent wants the best for his child so here are some tips for your house.

This is what a trendy bedroom looks like in 2017

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the young adults are well aware of what they want, if that is a negative or positive thing let's not talk about that. The influence of social media and television are becoming very large, kids these days know what they want and how they want it. Here in our showroom we see this also, therefor we are here to give you some advice on how to create the most trendy room for your kids.

Why you should go for design

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eetkamer eclips

The design furniture is back and they come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, they are much more innovative. In short, there's something for everyone! Give your interior an upgrade now without pay big amounts of money!

They went for MEUBIS: Holy Food Market - Gent

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In our category 'They went for MEUBIS' we will present to you Someone who collaborated with Meubis to renew his or her interior. In this blog present to you Holy Food Market. This is a tapas bar in Ghent Belgium, Beverhoutplein 15 . The owner of this bar is Ladislas Leys he wanted to create a place where people could share their special moments and drinks as they were at home. Discover the world under one roof on a top location...

The six P's in marketing for you horeca business

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Marketingmix 6 p's horeca3

Not every catering boss has the time to do a lot around marketing and promotion. Anyway you can do a lot with very few resources. The six P's are important for any catering business: six important considerations you should keep in mind always telling the story of your business on a marketing level. We go over them here.

The perfect terrace for you horeca business

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Perfecte terras voor je horecazaak

You hear it constantly, also on social media. Certainly in Belgium is it really a phenomenon: from the first moment people like to go to a terrace, where they can enjoy the beautiful weather. But how do you make sure that those people come and stay on your terrace for their drink? The Interior of your terrace can already do wonders. Here we give you some tips.

Do you play the right music in your establishment?

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Speel jij de juiste muziek in jouw horecazaak

It's a normality that in the world of the food service industry your turn-over will rise when you play the right music. Not only in this business but also in the retail this is one of the many used tricks. We believe this is a reality and that it really works, but under some conditions. What is good music you may wonder? There for we should take a closer look to your store, the beating heart of it. We will help you chose the right music for your business.

Personal interior advice in your living room

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Meubis, who recently just has a whole new webshop that is one of the biggest in Belgium is coming with Videochat. Via this live video chat service We want to offer out clients the best online shopping experience ever! This gives the client the opportunity to have personal interior advice when they are just sitting in their own livingroom. Since 3 Mai we can help our client in real-time. Many people want help or advice while they are shopping online so this service is just perfect.

They went for MEUBIS: Nucky's Tapas Club

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Nucky's Tapas Club - Waremme - ammeublé par meubis, gemeubeld door Meubis

In our category 'They went for MEUBIS' we will present to you Someone who collaborated with Meubis to renew his or her interior. In this blog present to you Nucky's Tapas Club. This is a tapas bar in Waremme Belgium, rue de huy 36. The owner of this bar is Frédéric Jacobs he wanted to create a place where people could share their tapas as they were at home.

They went for MEUBIS: Hotel Acacia - Blankenberge

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Hotel Acacia

Hotel Acacia is a hotel in Blankeberge, 5 minutes away from the beach. Jan and Catherine are the new owners of this hotel. They wanted to give this hotel a second chance by refurnishing this hotel. The trusted us here at Meubis with their new born baby of a hotel. We got together and started working on the hotel of their dreams.

To rent or to buy a Horeca-business the advantages and disadvantages

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Een horecapand huren of kopen? De voor- en nadelen op een rijtje3

Een horecapand huren of kopen? Het is vaak een moeilijke keuze, die van heel wat andere factoren afhangt. Wil je onafhankelijk zijn van een eigenaar, dan is kopen misschien de beste optie. Maar is dat haalbaar? Wat zijn de nadelen daarvan? En hoe ga je daarvoor precies te werk? We proberen je hier een beetje op weg te helpen naar het perfecte bedrijfspand.

The trends of 2017 for your bedroom.

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Slaapkamer Advantage - bedroom advantage - chambre à coucher Advantage

The bedroom is more than just a room where you sleep or find peace, In this short overview we will show you the trends of 2017: plants, rugs, a dark accent wall that brings warmth to your room

Our tips to decorate your Horeca business

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The perfect decor for your catering business can be a serious challenge. Both the atmosphere of your busniess if the comfort of your furniture is just as important as the quality of your products, this has often been proven. Certainly in the modern times of social media, it is about the total experience.We'll give you some tips here.

Tips for you to chose a new carpet

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The choice of a carpet is often a difficult one. In terms of both color and size, very often people are in doubt in the store. Too big is not good, too small either, and often they cannot chose whether the color would suit their interior. Here we give you some tips for choosing your carpet.

How to remove stains from your leather

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Leder stalen

People often choose a leather sofa because that is easy to maintain. That in itself is not a lie, but let us be clear: leather does need a proper maintenance and care. Leather which is not improperly maintained, will start to turn colour, have dirt or even start tearing. So it is certainly not so that you never need to look to your leather sofa. We try to give you some basic knowledge about the material leather, and how to best remove grease stains or get stains out.

5 steps for your business evolution

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If you are the owner of the restaurant hotel or even a cafe it is important that the quality of the recipes that you serve is the best. The only people who can taste and see your recipes in real life are the people who come to your business. But what do you do with the people who don't come to your business? To get more customers to your business you should follow the five simple steps below:

How to pick the right horeca chairs

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The purchase if a chair for your business is not always an easy thing to do. You have to pay attention to many different things. Not only at dimensions and maintenance, also the style and the ambience it creates. Here are some tips for you to make the right decision:

The side effects of a bad night sleep

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Many times before you probably heard it, not everybody needs as much sleep as someone else. In a group of ten people only a few will only need 6 hours of sleep to get through the day, some people need 10 hours. It is all about how deep you go when you are sleeping. But is sleep deprivation damaging your health? You can read all about it in this blogpost...

Tips for your accent wall

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People use them more and more, one wall in a sertain room has another colour or wallpaper on it. It gives more life and definition to your interior, extra depth and ambience. How do you get your own accent wall and where do you start? Here are some tips for you!

Caffeine and the effects on your body

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Caffeine is present in our daily life. It can be found in beans and in tea, and sodas. A lot of people come in touch with caffeine. For the people who occasionally drink energy drinks: you guys for sure. In those drinks there is a very high dose of caffeine. But what is the effect of caffeine is actually on your body?

Tips for a better lunch

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Many of our clients have the problem of not getting the best out of their lunch. The lunch is the ideal way to have a higher income. But how do you get people to come to your business at noon? Here are some tips...

How to remove stains from your carpet

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The one thing that you did not want to happen just happend, there is a stain on your carpet. The first tip is not to panic. this doesn't help in any case. In this blog we show you how to remove all kinds of stains.

Interior design tips for kitchen and dining room

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It remains a difficult task the Interior of kitchen and dining room. It is the work for a craftsman you would think but nothing is less true because there is a real expert in you because who knows better than you what you would like to have? We give your some practical tips for your kitchen and dining room.

Interior tips for students

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Your studio or apartment restylen is not always the best task waiting for you. The space of the rooms and the wishes of your house owner and the short period of time you will be there are some to keep in mind. Here are some tips for you to create the most amazing studio ever!

How to fabrics and pillows

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Kussens voor je interieur - des coussins pour votre interieur3

Temperatures are falling, days getting shorter...: winter is coming. Many people find this a bad thing, but there are many people who find the idea of a warm winter from inside the house nice. You can always find this back in the interior. Do you wanna prep your interior for a cosy winter? Find out here what you can do with Pillows and fabrics in your house.

They went for MEUBIS: Camille & Ward

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Airbnb Daman-Dirickx Gent by Meubis

In our category 'They went for MEUBIS' we will present to you Someone who collaborated with us to renew his or her interior. In this blog present to you Camille & Ward. Managed by a young and dynamic duo that moved to the Vlaanderenstraat, in the center of Ghent where they started in 2016 their Airbnb. We asked them some questions on which they happily answered.

They went for MEUBIS: Feestzaal De Kroon

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Feestzaal de Kroon2

In our category 'They went for MEUBIS' we will present to you Someone who collaborated with us to renew his or her interior. In this blog present to you Feestzaal De Kroon in Esen (Diksmuide).

They went for MEUBIS: Groot Vlaenderen - Bruges

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In our category 'They went for MEUBIS' we will present to you Someone who collaborated with us to renew his or her interior. In this blog present to you cocktail bar Groot Vlaenderen. This hotspot in the VlaanderenStraat service since March 2012 the best cocktails and wines.

4 tips for the shopping experience in your store.

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Nowadays it is not only the quality and the service that you offer in you establishment. Quality is basic these days, but how do you attract more people? Customers are going for the total package! Social media is one of the factors that made people wanting and expecting more. They all want to be treated as royalty, here are some tips for you...

6 styling tips for students

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You are going to live in a studio and then you certainly do wonder whether you will be able to setup your kot to your taste without that really ' Studio look '? We like to give you some nice styling tips for your studio!

5 decoration tips for halloween

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It is October and the cold wind is the sign that halloween is coming closer. The neighbours are acting weird and the front yard are decorated with death people etc. >We have for you some tips on how you can make your halloween even more special!

Wall decoration our 5 favourites!

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A living room with no wall decoration takes away a big piece of the ambience inside your house. It is a good idea to go for some fun decoration items for your walls. You can do this in many different ways, we have here for you five fun ideas!

They went for MEUBIS: Ieper Market Square

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In our category 'They went for MEUBIS' we will present to you Someone who collaborated with us to renew his or her interior. In this blog present to you Ieper Market Square. This apartment offers you an amazing view over the public square of Ieper and the Lakenhallen.

how to sleep like a rose

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The bedroom is one of the most important places in your house. It is also the place where you are going to prepare for the next day by renewing your energy with sleep. A bedroom has many options and needs comfort and some cosy details to ensure your goodnight sleep. Peace is a key in this blog post!

Tips for an under the roof room.

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Everybody knows the struggle of a room that you want to renovate or just furnish that is located just under the roof. This room wil have oblique walls this is hell for many. These are not easy to handle, or that is just what you think! These days it is not a problem for furniture companies to provide custom made furniture for these kind of rooms. But here are also some tips for your oblique walls.

They went for MEUBIS: L'atelier, bistro lounge

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Bistro lounge l-atelier

In our category 'They went for MEUBIS' we will present to you Someone who collaborated with us to renew his or her interior. In this blog present to you 'L'atelier, bistro lounge. We talked to the manager named Benoit Michels, and asked him what L'atelier stands for... 'We got a charming bistro, lounge in which you can enjoy a salad, pasta or one of our famous sandwiches and ice creams. You can also just come over and enjoy a drink here. We work with our family in a super romantic environment, from time to time we also have performances.

Design your ideal bureau: our tips

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Bureau inrichten

Everybody is in need of a bureau at home. Not only the people who work at home, or who have their own company, but other people aswel are in need of a bureau to do their paperwork or pay bills. But how do you style your bureau? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

How to clean and maintain your teak furniture.

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Tuintafel Lion7

Teak furniture are a great extra for your garden. It is easy to maintain, it is a tropical wood with natural protecting oils. Weather conditions have some to none influence on teak. Every piece of furniture needs some maintenance, teak also. Let's go over the most important ones.

Should you go for a leather or a fabric sofa with a pet?

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Are you looking for a new sofa and you got a cute cat or dog in your household? You should think about the following things before making a decission. Our first tip: Don't let your pet on the sofa.Dogs can be trained. Others are not capable for training, and are more fun to have with you while you are watching your sitcom. In that case is a leather sofa the best option. for many reasons.

Moving to Louvain

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You are about to move and you chose Louvain, one of the most crowded cities of Belgium. Not only did you chose this city because you have been there before for a shopping day, also because you really want to build a future there. You are ready for the big move! You are about to move and chose Louvain and here is why...