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Tips for a cosy garden

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Everybody who got a garden wouldn't want to live without one. Especially now with the summer coming closer. It is not a crime to have a lovely garden with the perfect lounge set etc. during these hot summer months. how do you get started? What are the trends of 2017? We'll go over them with you.

Do you want that tropical resort in your backyard?

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Staycation - la hype du moment - comment changer votre jardin dans une oase de silence et de repos

If we take a loo at last years trends the staycation is the new hot trend. This means that you do not go on a vacation, but you just stay at home during the vacation months. With the vacation budget you can get your garden just the way you want it. Why would you pay hundred's of euros for a tropical vacation if you can just enjoy your own resort at home in your garden?