An affordable studio for students

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It is again that time of the year where the academic year has begun. It is also time to go back to studio. The term studio doesn't have a very luxurious thought, back in the days this was a very old place with dark brown furniture with an small living space. But what if you were able to give your studio the right look in combination with saving money? Here at Meubis we make sure this is the case!

Student furniture

You always have an idea of what your studio should look like. But is your idea right for your studio? Your idea is not always the right idea the budget of your parents is not unlimited. But what if we offer you furniture at a low price?

Your comfort is our concern 

We have thought of everything so we made it easy for you to choose. Take as an example our wardrobe Osiris, this sturdy lightweight takes care of revolving doors within a small space and offers you also the possibility of storing much.

We also provide a good night's sleep and the place where you can watch your favourite series this with practical beds that are comfortable. The single bed bed Till is a bed that gives everything you need! Bedside tables that you can slide under the bed. Or do you still need a double bed? Then the bed San is your new sleeping buddy!

First aid during your study-time 

The stress builds itself on and the time flies. A bad sitting posture is also present at your desk.

Don't worry we'll let you study in one of the so many Office chairs that we can offer you!

A place of organization and order (in the disorder) that we have for you! Your notes and other amenities you can find in no time on the wonderful work sheet of Office Vivo. Place is a must if you want to go for the full 100% to your future!

You are almost ready for the big jump!

You can (after going out) sleep, choose clothes and study, all this in your own complete and affordable place where mom or dad paid for with no hesitation. 

You now have several options to refine your own taste. This by using lighting, mirror, coat rack, ...

We at Meubis are sure we can assure your ' road to success '!