Ergonomic office chairs, what you should pay attention to

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Recently we heard it on the news: 1 in 5 adults has chronic low back pain, often also accompanied by neck pain. In most of the cases a bad posture is the cause, especially for people who have a seated job. Chiropractors have a program with exercises that can help. What does the ideal seating position look like? 

Ergonomic office chairs

At Meubis we offer ergonomic office chairs, of which proven to lower the back, neck and shoulder pains. The basics of an ergonomic office chair are simple, but effective. We listed here the main advantages of such an ergonomic office chair.

  • The arms are always supported. An ergonomic office chair with have adjustable armrests, this is always the best option, that way you can adjust them at the perfect height for you.

  • An ergonomic office chair has the ideal weight distribution. Thanks to the synchronous mechanism this allows the Chair insures your lumbar support, so weight is distributed nicely.

  • The consequence, and the big advantage, is that you can have different seating positions during the day, so which is strongly recommended, and your weight will always be divided evenly. So feel free to try to move sometimes on your Office Chair, which is better for your muscles and joints.

The ideal sitting position

1. Make sure there is enough distance between your eyes and the screen. The ideal distance is about 50 to 70 cm at a plain image screen. Is your screen larger than 21 inch, then take your best even a distance between 75 and 105 cm..

2. keep your shoulders relaxed while working. 

3. keep your forearms horizontal, and the elbows at an angle of just over 90 degrees.

4. The distance between your knees and the  table top of your desk should be about 7 a 10cm. 

5. Avoid pressure on the knee holes. 

6. The position on the legs should be in a corner of 90 degrees. 

7. make sure that your feet are flat on the ground. If not, place a footrest so that your feet yet can fully rest on the surface.

8. Make sure the back is well supported by the backrest. 

9. The height of the backrest is also important.

10. Use the entire seating of the Office Chair.