Is your interior ready for autumn? Our tips!

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Autumn is coming. It is sometimes called the transition to winter, but for us autumn is much more than that. As far as the interior is concerned, it is a very exciting period. Autumn is synonymous with warmth and cosiness in the house. The heating, or maybe even the fireplace, on. Feet in the air, blanket over it. Netflix looking while the rain is tapping against the windows. Lovely. But how exactly do you make the interior autumn ready? We'll help you on your way with our tips.

1. Lights out, candles on

With the onset of autumn, the focus goes back to the 'inside' part of your home. People again attach more importance to the atmosphere and cosiness in the house. The mother of all tips to create a cozy autumn evening at home: candles. Leave those lights for what they are, and use candles to light the place. In combination with the darkness that falls ever earlier, you get a completely different effect in your interior. With candlestick Asana, on the picture below, you create a very cozy and warm effect thanks to the rough wooden materials. Crawl close together, and of course don't forget to extinguish the candles before bedtime. 

2. A carpet to create atmosphere

A beautiful carpet in your living room has many advantages. Of course you can use it as an eye-catcher, but a rug does a lot more than that. It ensures that the furniture is optically pulled towards each other, and therefore form one whole. Not only in a larger room, but also in smaller spaces, a rug brings order and clarity. Carpets can of course be found in many different colours and designs, depending on taste and preference. Natural shades such as grey, taupe and anthracite can be used in any interior, and even in any season. A nice example is Carpet Gideon, see picture below, or carpet Mundial. Feel free to take a look between our range of carpets.

3. Plaids are life

An evening sitting in autumn or winter is almost unthinkable without a fleece blanket. Isn't it? Not only do they keep you warm, they can also be perfectly used as a nice detail in your interior. Stack them together nicely and use them as decoration in your autumn interior, and as soon as you get a little cold, they are immediately to hand. A plaid makes everything extra cosy, especially when the weather is cold, chilly and wet, it gives an extra feeling of comfort and safety. Do you want an extra eye-catcher in your interior? With the right plaid, you're sure to score. What do you think of Plaid Yangon? 

4. Playing with poufs

It may not be the most obvious one, but with pouffes you can also bring a lot of atmosphere. Add the right poufs to your interior, and you get a different feeling, which can perfectly reflect the current season. On the picture below you see for example Stool Alfred, which is very suitable for the autumn season. Also poufs in brown leather can evoke that atmosphere in your interior, think for example of Pouf Hemma. 

5. Cosy cushions

Pillows also bring atmosphere into the house. They fill a void, and create a warm atmosphere. You can also vary perfectly with cushions, from season to season. In autumn it's best to choose slightly warmer shades, to boost that warm feeling in your interior. Our cushions are available in different sizes, colours and materials. Go with a leather cushion for a tough look, or go for a decorative cushion with a natural colour, to break the colour of your salon.

In other words: you can vary endlessly with small details and accessories to achieve the desired effect in your interior. You don't have to make a complete makeover of your living room to make your home autumn ready. Here and there a little touch or adjustment, and you're ready for those cozy autumn evenings. 

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