Interior trend: Plants and flowers

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Plants in your house are trendy again. It is not a new trend but this trend is totally hot again. People are more creative with flowers and plants in their interior. People are coming to a point where they embrace the fact that flowers and plants have a good influence on their mood. But you should not go for a full jungle in your interior. With the tips we have for your we can show you how you should welcome flowers and plants in your interior.

Use cactuses in your interior

Why? It is very simple, it is one of the most easy to maintain. Are they boring? Not at all! If you place them in a fun pot and combine them with different ones in one pot you’l have a fun and creative little effect. This plant also gives your interior and exotic look. Combine many and this will give your interior the right ambience. On the picture below you have some examples. 

Do you know airplants?

It is a new trend that comes from Scandinavia, Epifyten are the most common ones use as an airplant. They are perfect for the people who find it hard to maintain a cactus. Good news for someone who loves plants, but is not good and keeping them alive. These plants only need sunlight and a bit of water. they don’t have any roots and they fit just fine in your most beautiful pot etc. Be creative! 

Hanging plants are hip again.

in the 70 and 80’s this was very often seen in many houses. This trend has been old fashioned for a long time but they are working on their comeback. This can’t be crazy enough, if the plants hangs it will work out! 

Install a mini nature

Things we also see often in the more modern interiors are miniatures of nature. With some branches you can bring the ambience of the woods in your interior. Tip: put them under a nice big vase. This is the modern version of a painting on a wall. People who are more creative can do their thing by making it themselves. It is not that hard! 

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