How to welcome a television in your living room

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It has been and always will be a difficult task, where do you place your television for it to be one with your interior... It is nowadays much easier than back in the days but we have for you some tips on how you could place your tv in your interior. 

Use a white or accent wall. 

Maybe it is one of the ideas that make you a bit scared, that is to hang a tv on your beautiful wall. We get that, but this is nothing to be worried about. Nowadays it is a trend to hang your wall on an accent or plain white wall. Make your interior modern and just do so! 

Build in 

It is one of the more expensive ideas but it is the trend of 2017. Not a single tv or house is to big or too small for you to build-in your tv. Let your tv be one with your interior it is never a good sight of just a t standing there, so build it in and have a wonderful result. 

The bookshelf

The bookshelf has been used before and is also a way for you to showcase your television, this is fun because your tv is surrounded by books. Place some candles on your shelf and this will give this all a cosy effect. 

In a closet or wardrobe

This may seem an old idea but this is not an old one for sure! Nowadays it is a fancy thing to have your tv in your wardrobe, this is all automatic and adjustable for your own preference. If you are finishing your movie night you just have to close the door of your wardrobe and your tv is stored with just the closing of a door and your interior is still one whole and not broken by a television. 

A television?

 You can always chose to throw out your tv and to replace this one with a projector. This gives you a real home cinema feeling and this gives your interior a full modern twist with your large screen. You should have some technical skills tho to make this all happen. Nowadays you can watch all your series and shows on your laptop so your television is not a must anymore!