Five tips for choosing the ideal coffee table

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When choosing a new chair, the choices are quite obvious. You decide on the material, colour and dimensions, and the result is your new living room. But the search for a new coffee table can often be a lot more difficult. Of course, there is also a lot of choice, and you have to take a number of things into account. Our 5 tips will help you on your way.

1. Look at the style of your (corner) lounge

Your lounge is of course a very important factor in the choice of your coffee table. The two should form a beautiful whole, preferably on every surface. Which style does your salon have, and which coffee table fits with that? Do you stay in the same colour palette, or do you just choose a colour that contrasts a little? These are all questions that you should consider beforehand. That way, we can already exclude a lot of models. Combining a beige or taupe chair with the Larso side table below, for example, is perfectly justifiable. 

2. Look at the rest of the interior

It's also always a good idea to keep your coffee table in the same style as the rest of your interior, like your TV cabinet or your dining room. Pay particular attention to the shape, but also the style/look. It's often nice when the coffee table and the dining table match in color and style. We have a lot of collections of dining rooms that also have a number of coffee tables, like in the picture below of Kora collection.

Do you go for an eye-catching design table? Then in principle it may stand out. So feel free to contrast with it.

3. Measure the height of your lounge

A lot of people ignore this tip. The height of your lounge is indeed important in the choice of your coffee table, especially on a practical level. In general, a coffee table is as high as the height of your lounge, as shown in the picture below of the Damme corner salon. So you can comfortably put your feet on it.

A lot of people don't use their coffee table to put their feet on it. They would do well to take a look at what the purpose of the coffee table is. A 'Moroccan coffee table' is often a bit lower. If you like to eat in your salon once in a while, you can opt for the 'Spanish coffee table', which is slightly higher. This ensures that you don't have to bend over too much.

4. Measure the length of your seat

The rule of thumb is that a suitable coffee table has 75% of the length of your salon. For a corner salon it is best to use a smaller coffee table, about 35% to 50% of the length. It is important to take into account the spatial effect in your living room.

A large coffee table is handy, but it will make your coffee busier. A small table, on the other hand, increases the feeling of spaciousness. The material also has an influence: a glass coffee table looks more spacious than a wooden table and is therefore very suitable for small spaces.

5. Also think about the practical side

Also make some practical considerations. Do you read magazines or newspapers? Then consider a coffee table with slides to store them, together with the remote controls, as with the Dondee coffee table below. Neat and tidy.

Do you have small children or do you have plans in that direction? Then avoid hard or fragile materials such as glass and look for a table without sharp points. It's also best to have a sturdy coffee table that doesn't just fall over when the children bump into it.

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