Create a nice ambience with lights.

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People are always on the lookout to make their living room more cosy. You can achieve that with furniture and with nice accessories and decoration in your interior. The light are a factor that many people just forget. With the right lights you can create a whole new world in your living room.

Of course you can't go for ambience lights in every room, because lights should not only be hip and trendy but they should also be functional. The first thing you should do is determine what rooms will have which function in your house. To help you with that we will cut the lights down in 3 categories: basic, functional and ambience.


These are the lights that you turn on once you enter a room. These lights should give you enough light and not much more than that. 


This is the light you use with a certain purpose, it's a sort of extra light on top of the basic light. We think of a little LED light to read, a light above the mirror or in the bathroom. Another example is light in the staircase, build in the staircase. The purpose here is extra light for a room.


The purpose of this light is to create a certain ambience in one of your rooms. Think about your dining or living room. Many times people go for low beam lights that give a cosy light. You can also go for wall lights in combination with indirect light, for example a light that is facing the ceiling. This will give your room a soft and gentle light and not that hard white light.