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At MEUBIS we have a wide range of corner salons. We try to offer something for everyone, in terms of price, colour and materials. We sell corner salons in fabric and polyurethane (PU leather, a high quality alternative to leather), but authentic quality leather is also available from us. For this we work directly with the supplier Altoni, an Italian manufacturer known for its Italian quality leather for many years. So our leather salons do not come from Asian countries, but directly from the manufacturer in Italy. The advantages of this, we explain here.

Altoni Leather was founded in 1994 by Pasquale Tricarico. Altoni Leather designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of leather corner salons, sofas and armchairs. The company has always paid particular attention to the details, elegance and comfort that characterise all the models in our collections. Professionals dedicate themselves on a daily basis to studying and following market trends and the selection of materials.

Each leather is unique and different for each salon. The variations that can exist from one piece of leather to another are the hallmark that makes each salon a unique piece. The tanning of leather, called "tannage", consists of a manual treatment of animal skins in order to improve their properties, such as impermeability to water, wear resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, etc. All this takes place at the factory in Altamura, Italy, and is then delivered directly from the factory to MEUBIS. As a result, we can also guarantee the best price and the best quality. 

Leather is a natural product. It comes from animal skin, and is therefore not artificially produced. Every piece of leather has already lived, and therefore has a piece of history. For example, some sheets will contain scars, abdominal stripes or even insect bites. This will give the leather its natural beauty. It ensures that we can talk about a unique product, but also a warm product. For example, leather adapts to environmental factors. Your body temperature, for example, can make the leather warmer and more supple, making it feel cosy. The material also has some useful properties. For example, it does not quickly absorb odours, it is very easy to remove dust, and it can absorb a lot of moisture, up to 25% of its own weight.

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